Knight of Clouds

Arianya received a report about a town in danger in the lands known as the North Downs. Mounting up on her steed Duvainil she set off at a gallop to find the beleaguered town.

Knight of Clouds - Gallop EDIT

She has found some interesting ruins, so she stops to have a closer look at the architecture. While crumbling, the old structures to bring back some memories.

Knight of Clouds - Architecture EDIT

Shortly after leaving the ruins she encounters a warg attacking her from stealth. As she saw its approach she reached for her sword – this would be no contest for this guardian!

Knight of Clouds - Attacked EDIT

Arianya finds a friendly ranger at his patrol camp. She exchanges information with him, getting the location of the town from him.

Knight of Clouds - Ranger Tales EDIT

She mounts up and continues onward, catching a glimpse of the town she is looking for in the distance.

Knight of Clouds - Glimpse EDIT

While approaching the town – Stoneheight – Duv tells Arianya evil is near with her lowered head and pinned ears. Arianya looks around, but it seems the danger is straight ahead in town!

Knight of Clouds - Caution EDIT

What happens in town may be the source for another story, but rest assured the town in good hands with this guardian working in their defense!

Her Outfit is:
Chest – Jacket of the Shade-Finder in White
Legs – Ceremonial Leggings of Command in White
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secret in White
Hands – Astaldo in White
Feet – Boots of the Anorien Fields in White
Back – Reveller’s Gilded Cloak in Grey

Steed Duvainil is wearing:
Warden’s Caparison in Grey
Light Halter of the Norcrofts Undyed
Leggings of the Hammerhand Undyed

I made this outfit a while ago, experimenting with things on BullRoarer actually. I find it works well with an elven guardian, especially this one 🙂 The name really has nothing to do with the story (with the exception that the North Downs seems to be a cloudy place), but I like it anyway!


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