Searching for Spring

The hobbitess Reznora is getting rather tired of winter. This year winter has been particularly cold and snowy, especially in the past few months. It seems that spring will never arrive… The cold temperatures and that thought make her shiver.

Searching for Spring - Shiver EDIT

So, being an intrepid young hobbit, Reznora decides to take matters into her own hands and go looking for spring. It really is time for it to begin! She sets out down the road, searching. This area seems to be getting there, but still not quite the full-blown spring she is looking for. It is still chilly here also! She shakes her head in exasperation and looks up for perhaps some inspiration on where to search next…

Searching for Spring - Exasperation EDIT

The journey continues on, but then it happens! She finds SPRING!!!!! It really does exist!!!! Time to throw off the warm wintery clothes and jump for joy among the spring flowers 🙂

Searching for Spring - Spring Flowers Found! EDIT

In addition, there are the lovely flowering trees scattered all over the place. You know just one good strong breeze and the world will be filled with, and covered with, beautiful pink blossoms. Reznora is at this journeys end!

Searching for Spring - Spring Trees Found! EDIT

Her outfit is:
(in springtime)
Chest – Jacket of the Erebor Watcher in Rose
Pants – Lanfereth’s Doom in Violet
Back – Cooks Trappings in Violet
Hat – Slagvi’s Hat in Violet

(and while searching)
Hat – Yule Stocking Cap in Rose
Shoulders – Yule Scarf in Violet
Feet – Snow dusted traveller’s boots in Purple

I found this to be the perfect post for the first day of spring!  I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful season 🙂


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