Taking the Hobbit to Isengard

One of our officers Larth chose to host an event today – taking the hobbit (level 10 Carielia – thief extraordinaire) to Isengard!

We took a lovely foot tour of several areas, starting at about midnight (game-time), journeying into the dawn, and arriving at our destination during the early part of the day.

Overall we were successful, Carielia made it to the gates. Sadly as we were taking down the troll gate guardians, she was sniped from the side by one of the white-hand – earning a one-way trip back to Bree.

We were happy with these results, as my goodness the aggro range of a lvl 10 character past the Lone-lands is incredible! It took us about 1hour 30min, with some time spent taking a scenic tour through Dunland 😀

I hope you enjoyed our journey as much as we did!

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