Welcome to my blog.  I am the player Anmorata on the Evernight  server of the game Lord of the Rings Online.  I started on the Withywindle server, hence the blog name – it’s in honor of where I started and also the friends I last saw there.  I also happen to be a member of the The Blade Reforged kinship.  Anmorata is a Race of Man Champion and my star!  Some of my other characters who will appear in my blog are the elfesses Magieriel (Lore Master) and Arianya (Guardian), my hobbitess Reznora (Minstrel), and my Beorning Helditha.  I might even have some guests (as I don’t delve into male fashions much myself, but I have a friend who certainly does!).  Thank you for reading and I hope to see you back soon 🙂

An update for 2018:  I’ve had a couple of other characters demand representation lately – Delphina (hobbit Warden) and Isilmearon (high elf Hunter)!  For the folks who prefer Facebook to Blogs, Anmorata has her very own Facebook page!  It will not only include my adventures in LotRO with links back to posts here, but also touch upon my previous games as well as gaming-related (and cat-related) stuff.  Feel free to check it out here.  And last but not least, I am also on Twitter!  That can be found here 🙂

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