Blue Winter

I usually try to introduce my models before featuring them, but I have not written up a proper introduction yet for this one – yet I had come up with a wonderful outfit I wanted to show off.  I ended my dilemma by deciding to feature the outfit before introducing my new High Elf.  At some point you will get the official introduction for her, but for now enjoy the lovely looks of Isilmearon in Blue Winter!


Blue Winter Glance

Blue Winter Hand look

Blue Winter Looking off

Blue Winter Look

Blue Winter Think

Blue Winter Swan

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of the Flowered Vale dyed Belegaer Blue
Shoulders – Fur Mantle
Head – Woodland Crown
Feet – Shoes of the Learned Stag dyed Belegaer Blue
Gloves – Wildemore Survivor’s Light Gloves dyed Belegaer Blue
Back – Cloak of Narie dyed Belegaer Blue

I really like the new cosmetics released this past Yule festival, especially the shoulders and crown.  I wanted to see how they worked with some of the other wintry themed items lurking around in the vaults when I re-encountered this robe.  The bits of fur trim on it made it a pleasing choice, and the belegaer blue dye works well with all the pieces.  I debated on the cloak, as there are a few that could be used, but ultimately settled on the Cloak of Narie due to the nice blend of blues, grays, and browns that compliment the rest of the pieces.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and play around to find your style!


Introducing – Delphinia

Delphinia of the Fallohide Hobbits

Delphinia is a young hobbit warden. Born in the northern parts of Ered Luin, she lived there with her parents and younger sister Reznora until a tragic accident took the lives of both her parents. She accompanied the young Reznora in her visits to the elven enclave near their home. While her sister learned music, she took lessons in spear and javelin warfare from the elven warriors. After the accident the sisters moved back to the Shire, Tuckborough to be precise, to be near their Took relatives. Delphinia kept up her martial training, and is the reason for some of the mysterious elven sightings in the Shire as her elven mentors would periodically travel to assess her progress .

Delphinia is quieter than her sister, but just as cheerful. She learned woodworking techniques from the elves also, and she continues to hone her skills. After Reznora left home to join the battle against the growing darkness, it was not long before Delphinia properly closed up their home and set out on a journey herself. Her skills as an elven-trained warden would be useful in this war!

Her steed is named Calyx, and she safely takes Delphinia to whatever battle she is needed in the most.

Delph Look1


Dramatic Sky

Foxy Lady

With the release of North Ithilien came a few odd cosmetic pieces – a half face mask that resembles a fox, a cloak that features a fox (and sadly is undyable), and a set of shoulders.  Also, if you do enough daily herbalist quests you can get a new steed with matching war steed cosmetics.  I admit I was not impressed by any of these at first.  But then my little cosmetic brain started thinking of these new pieces…

There are some dresses that I also liked, but I decided to stay with this light armor look for my official interpretation of the North Ithilien foxy lady 🙂










Her outfit is:
Chest – Jacket of Vigor in Bullroarer’s Green
Legs – Leg-Guards of the Flowered Vale in Sienna
Shoulders – Mantle of the Noth Ithilien Wilds undyed
Head – Mask of the North Ithilien Fox undyed
Feet – Barrow-Scout’s Boots in Dark Green
Gloves – Astaldo in Bullroarer’s Green
Back – Wreath of the North Ithilien Wilds

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Halter, Legs, Caparison, and Tail of the Ithilien Wilds – all dyed White


Thank you for reading!  If you want to explore other options that go with these North Ithilien pieces, I found that the Bullroarer’s Green and Lorien Gold dyes worked well.  There was at least one other chestpiece that I liked, and several dresses – and that was just what appealed to me!

Winterhome for the Holidays

Tis the holiday season!  Anmorata is heading to Winterhome to celebrate with friends and family.

As the evening falls and the light starts to change, she sees the town of Winterhome through the trees.


She has grown chilled during her travel here, so first she warms up by the fire.  It appears she is the first to arrive, as the town is calm and quiet.


She strolls through town, checking old familiar sights and just simply playing around.




And last but not least, she visits an old friend just outside of town before heading to the inn for the night!


Her outfit is:
Chest – Wintery Yule Robe in Red
Shoulders – Grimbeorn’s Shoulders in Red
Feet – Ajokoira Shoes in Red
Gloves – Extravagant Festival Gloves in Red
Back – Fancy Snow-cloak in Red

Thank you for reading as always!  For anyone very curious, these screenies were actually taken last year after the winter festival ended.  I just left my poor champ there and hoped that there would be no other lingering folks touring the now quiet and empty Winterhome 😀

Edit:  I was looking at steed cosmetics and this is what I came up with to match / compliment this outfit.



Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Snow-beast Caparison in Red
Snow-beast Halter in Red
Hunter’s Leggings in Red
Dagorlad Accessory


Green & Gold

The days are getting cooler, and the bright green of the trees is now being kissed with gold, red, and orange.  Stonedeans near Brockbridge is a lovely example of the colors that come with autumn.  Wild horses, goats, and bears can readily be found here too!

To celebrate the change of seasons Magieriel shows off a nice combination of deep and light greens mixed with rich gold tones.


Her outfit is:
Chest – Summerdays Dress in Gold
Shoulders – Shoulders of the Mighty Verse in Dark Green
Back – Golden Tree Summer Cloak in Dark Green
Head – Dwarf-Make Circlet

WarSteed Biblioteq is equipped with:
Caparison of Naire in Forest Green
Halter of Thorin’s Hall in Forest Green
Light Leggings of the Wold in Forest Green

For the purists, yes I know the dwarf-make circlet is technically blueish in color, but I like the overall look of it and from a bit of a distance it looks greenish when added in with all the other greenish tones.  There is a circlet I looked at (ceremonial circlet of the seven stars) that is a bit bigger and properly dyable that also works very well here, I was just too lazy to get it 🙂

Summer Days

It’s festival time in Middle Earth, and while all the races have fun and entertainments available – nothing beats the hobbit celebration! This year the hobbits have really organized a bash too: fishing, kite flying, sweet cream stand, dances, etc. All in all a very good year to enjoy the festivities.
Anmorata takes some time to enjoy the season, and Absinthe joins in!

Riding through the Shire

Summer Red  - Steed  EDIT


Whipping up some desert – sweet cream with fresh berries and honey – YUM!

Summer Red - cooking desert  EDIT


Cooling off my fellow festival attendees

Summer Red - cooling the hobbits  EDIT



Summer Red - Fishing  EDIT


Caught one 😀

Summer Red - Caught  EDIT


A beautiful day to fly a kite

Summer Red - Kite  EDIT


Ending the day with some dancing to some lovely hobbit tunes drifting on the wind from below

Summer Red - Evening Dance1 EDIT


Her outfit is:
Chest – Sleeveless Elven Tunic in Crimson
Shoulders – Medium Nadhin Shoulders in Crimson
Head – Ketill Mapmakers Hat in Crimson
Back – Fancy Elven Quiver in Crimson
Bow – Death-puller

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Caparison of the Summer Sun in Crimson
Halter of Rivendell in Crimson
Leggings of Rivendell in Crimson


I do love this tunic, and I use it on quite a few alts.  I’m looking forward to when the Belegaer Blue dye is released as it will give even more options for this tunic and a few other hard-to-match items.  Here is another variant I’ve made with a little huntress I play on the Laurelin server.  The shoulders have that similar blueish band in the front and the hat just looks so dapper – this is her standard festival outfit.  She has far more practical clothes for serious action in both regular temperatures and in the icy cold places!

Summer Purple - front  EDITSummer Purple - back  EDIT


Searching for Spring

The hobbitess Reznora is getting rather tired of winter. This year winter has been particularly cold and snowy, especially in the past few months. It seems that spring will never arrive… The cold temperatures and that thought make her shiver.

Searching for Spring - Shiver EDIT

So, being an intrepid young hobbit, Reznora decides to take matters into her own hands and go looking for spring. It really is time for it to begin! She sets out down the road, searching. This area seems to be getting there, but still not quite the full-blown spring she is looking for. It is still chilly here also! She shakes her head in exasperation and looks up for perhaps some inspiration on where to search next…

Searching for Spring - Exasperation EDIT

The journey continues on, but then it happens! She finds SPRING!!!!! It really does exist!!!! Time to throw off the warm wintery clothes and jump for joy among the spring flowers 🙂

Searching for Spring - Spring Flowers Found! EDIT

In addition, there are the lovely flowering trees scattered all over the place. You know just one good strong breeze and the world will be filled with, and covered with, beautiful pink blossoms. Reznora is at this journeys end!

Searching for Spring - Spring Trees Found! EDIT

Her outfit is:
(in springtime)
Chest – Jacket of the Erebor Watcher in Rose
Pants – Lanfereth’s Doom in Violet
Back – Cooks Trappings in Violet
Hat – Slagvi’s Hat in Violet

(and while searching)
Hat – Yule Stocking Cap in Rose
Shoulders – Yule Scarf in Violet
Feet – Snow dusted traveller’s boots in Purple

I found this to be the perfect post for the first day of spring!  I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful season 🙂

Knight of Clouds

Arianya received a report about a town in danger in the lands known as the North Downs. Mounting up on her steed Duvainil she set off at a gallop to find the beleaguered town.

Knight of Clouds - Gallop EDIT

She has found some interesting ruins, so she stops to have a closer look at the architecture. While crumbling, the old structures to bring back some memories.

Knight of Clouds - Architecture EDIT

Shortly after leaving the ruins she encounters a warg attacking her from stealth. As she saw its approach she reached for her sword – this would be no contest for this guardian!

Knight of Clouds - Attacked EDIT

Arianya finds a friendly ranger at his patrol camp. She exchanges information with him, getting the location of the town from him.

Knight of Clouds - Ranger Tales EDIT

She mounts up and continues onward, catching a glimpse of the town she is looking for in the distance.

Knight of Clouds - Glimpse EDIT

While approaching the town – Stoneheight – Duv tells Arianya evil is near with her lowered head and pinned ears. Arianya looks around, but it seems the danger is straight ahead in town!

Knight of Clouds - Caution EDIT

What happens in town may be the source for another story, but rest assured the town in good hands with this guardian working in their defense!

Her Outfit is:
Chest – Jacket of the Shade-Finder in White
Legs – Ceremonial Leggings of Command in White
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secret in White
Hands – Astaldo in White
Feet – Boots of the Anorien Fields in White
Back – Reveller’s Gilded Cloak in Grey

Steed Duvainil is wearing:
Warden’s Caparison in Grey
Light Halter of the Norcrofts Undyed
Leggings of the Hammerhand Undyed

I made this outfit a while ago, experimenting with things on BullRoarer actually. I find it works well with an elven guardian, especially this one 🙂 The name really has nothing to do with the story (with the exception that the North Downs seems to be a cloudy place), but I like it anyway!

Adventures of a Yule Hobbit

Reznora the Yule Hobbit has been assigned the important task of helping to deliver presents this year for Yule. However, she’s never done this before! So she went on an adventure to get herself prepared for the big day.

She did not want to miss anyone on the big day, so she searched high:

Xmas hobbit looking high - Edit

She searched low (thank goodness for patient ponies who are not spooked by being ridden on ice!)

Xmas hobbit looking low - Edit

She became super excited when she made the important chimney discovery!!

Xmas hobbit with chimney - edit

And finally after all her travelling back to her festive home to relax by the fire 🙂

Xmas hobbit at rest - Edit

She should now be all ready for the big day in just a few more weeks 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the adventure of Reznora the Yule Hobbit!

Her outfit is:
Chest – Wildemore Survivor’s Robe in Crimson
Gloves – Wildemore Survivor’s medium Gloves in White
Boots – Boots of the Learned in Crimson
Head – Wintery Yule Cap in Crimson
Back – Wintery Yule Backpack in Dark Green

WarSteed Trentina is naked!

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Yule Hobbit Cheer Edit

Farewell Withywindle!

The Withywindle server will be closing forever soon, and has opened for transfer to other worlds. Anmorata and company have spent many happy hours on Withywindle – questing, battling, meeting friends, and enjoying quiet times. Thankfully many of my friends have or will be transferring to the Evernight server, where we will make new homes, friends, and stories for ourselves. For those who are just a memory from Withywindle, you are missed.

Farewell Withy!

Farewll WW - wave EDIT

There were many good times near your namesakes shores:
Walking along the paths near your waters

Farewell WW - last stroll EDIT

Walking in your waters

Farewell WW - water walk EDIT

Swimming in your waters

Farewell WW - swim EDIT

And simply contemplating your waters

Farewell WW - contemplation EDIT

Thank you all for the good times!

Her outfit is:
Chest – Elf Queen Dress in Evendim Blue
Back – Hooded Cloak of Many Worlds in Evendim Blue
Shoulders – Ceremonial Noriel’s Folly in Evendim Blue

I will not be changing the name of this blog – it will always honor the server I started LotRO on and the dear friends I last saw there.  As mentioned, my new home is on Evernight and the adventures will continue 🙂