Landscapes of LotRO

As I quest and develop my characters I often find myself looking at the scenery around me.  LotRO offers some very lovely views, and occasionally an unintentional view!  I’ll share ones I find here 🙂

Falathorn Bridge


Strange Noon in Evendim


Forochel at night

Forochel night aurora

A deep purple sky in the Shire

Purple Shire Sky

Minas Tirith from behind (only accessible during a quest)

Minas Tirith from the back

Laketown at sunset

Laketown sunset 2

Seregost by moonlight

Seregost by moonlight

Oinsbridge from downstream at night

Oinsbridge from downstream at night

Dramatic Sky during a Lone Lands Instance

Against the Stormy Sky

Foredawn in Evendim

Foredawn in Evendim 3

Morning Light over Caradhas

Morning light over Caradhas 1