Neverwinter Fashion

I played Neverwinter when it was released back in 2013, then ended up moving to LotRO the end of that year/beginning of 2014.  However one thing I always remembered was the general fluidity of combat in Neverwinter.  The spring of 2019 I chose to return to Neverwinter, and within a few months of that return they MASSIVELY updated and over-hauled the cosmetic system.  Prior to that update it was pretty limited, but now you can turn any piece of armor that works with your class into a transmutable piece that stays around forever.  They do still separate out gear-based cosmetics from fashion-based cosmetics, but this overhaul made it much easier to change what your character is wearing without losing forever that unique piece.

I’ll be modifying and adding to this page as time and interest allow, so always feel free to check back for changes!

Tamar Warsong

My first and main character in Neverwinter is a half elf great-weapon fighter (now renamed to barbarian) who I called Tamar Warsong.  This shot is from right after I returned to the game, so she was wearing her lvl 60 armor and being followed by her cleric companion while questing in Mount Hotenow.

Early Tamar

Once up to the new level cap and working on the most current content, Tamar ended up in this outfit.  This is in the Stardock area in one of the Fragment Expedition quests.

By the light of the planet

At the same time as the above screenie, Tamar also could swap to her fashion cosmetic set.  The one below has been my recent favorite 🙂  Note that while the gear cosmetics include head, armor, arms, feet, shirt, pants, neck/back, and weapon slots – the fashion only includes head, top, and bottom.   This was taken on an Undermountain Expedition, but in an area that I got bugged in.  I eventually fell through the invisible floor to my death 😛

Tamar Battlerager 2

I took this one during the first Hell Pit event while on some super-charged buff, but I also had swapped to some Thayan based cosmetic gear.  You can also see my adorable little shadow dragon pet!

Barb with HellPit Buff

Here is the Thayan gear with Chult accents NOT under the effects of a buff.  I use the Chult shirt and pants because my barb actually has a weird bug – if I do not use a shirt cosmetic she defaults to a very ugly burlap sack appearance.   I can’t say I am displeased though with the tattoo look though!

Thayan style barb

For a time I decided that I wanted to use the Fey-touched title, so of course I had to make an outfit to go along with that!  It helped that I also had the unique cosmetic pet the teacup fey wolf 🙂

Feytouched Tamar

When Tamar was invited to visit Lord Strahd at his home Ravenloft Castle in Barovia, she knew she had to invest in some formal clothes.  She did not forget the most important accessory though, the Sun Sword, although it’s inclusion did not make her a very welcomed guest…

Tamar with Sunsword and Dress

Here is the same dress outfit but from behind with her normal sword:

Tamar with dress from back



After my return to Neverwinter I decided to create a cleric.   Elanorel the sun elf cleric was born!  She rapidly became my favorite alt char to play, as the cleric when played correctly can pump out some very nice DPS and is also one of the top healing classes in the game.  Here she is relaxing from some expeditions in the Yawning Portal Tavern in her DPS cosmetic gear.

Elanorel in YP

Elanorel’s main steed is a majestic Turmish Lion.  Also of note, Chult is dangerously beautiful.

Elanorel in Chult

This year’s anniversary festival gave us the absolutely wonderful Seductive Shirt cosmetic, basically a sexy low cut shirt for girls/shoulder for guys with wings!  The cleric version of this had an awesome bug (sadly corrected now) that made the wings flap when your character was still.  Here is Elanorel with her demon puppy pet and her flappy wings out-stretched.

Ela with flappy wings and hellhound



One of my older characters from my first time through Neverwinter is the moon elf wizard Imbrium.  At the time of this writing, wizards are considered at top of the DPS class – although this is dependent on many things such as gear and player skill.  Imbrium does not have the gear (nor I the skill) to have her at top form, but she looks great 😛

This is a more evil-type look for her, but I really liked the purple haze the armor emits.  You can see her snow leopard companion too, which is a very pretty appearing companion even if it’s not that useful.

Imbrium outside Undermountain

Imbrium was also spoiled by receiving the heavy mystic steed as her mount of choice.  It’s flaming purple mane and tail compliment the purple haze of the armor 🙂

Imbrium in Sharandar Entrance

Imbrium has had a recent outfit overhaul.  While I liked the purple haze I was getting tired of the skull motif.  So now she is in a slick leather looking outfit with boots that almost come up to her hips.  I may stick with this look for a while as I really like it 🙂

Imbrium in Barovia


Braigon Whiteraven

Braigon is one of my newest characters and currently the only male one.  He was born during a Neverwinter recruitment event, where all new characters created and leveled up over a certain time period would receive perks and incentives at each level up to 60.  He is a human rogue, and quite the charmer.  This particular area made for some really nice screenshots while he was questing through there, so I had to indulge 🙂

A Rogue in the Mists

Thank you for checking out this page.  As I mentioned at the beginning, I will update and add to it as I change up outfits and take new screenies.  I have several more characters too that will be added 🙂