The Road to Lake-town

Andrys needed to take a journey down to Lake-town from Dale.  The road is not always safe, but the views are to die for (sometimes very literally)!

Featuring the Soaring Halberd of the Depths

Red and Gold Cappy 1

Red and Gold Cappy 2

Red and Gold Cappy 7

Red and Gold Cappy 3

Red and Gold Cappy 4

Red and Gold Cappy 5

Red and Gold Cappy 6

Andrys is wearing:

Chest: Invader’s Reinforced Chestplate in Crimson

Feet: Boots of the Anorien Field in Crimson

Gloves: Isterons Steel Gloves of the First Age in Red

Shoulders: Shoulder Guard of the Reclaimed City in Crimson

Back: Recovered Cloak of the Crossroads in Crimson

Head: Reclaimed Circlet of the Healers in Crimson

Soaring Halberd of the Depths


War Steed Glawar is wearing:

Red Guard Elite Caparison (undyable)

Burglar’s Halter in Crimson

Warden’s Leggings in Crimson

Guardian’s Gear (undyable)


While I rarely use full helms, I found that this helm does go with the outfit quite well.

Head Alternative: (full helm) Dornhador’s Helm in Crimson

Red and Gold Cappy 9

Thank you for reading!  Poor Andrys died several times during this photo shoot, as his level is a bit lower than ideal for the location.  But the muse of fashion must be served, even if it is with blood occasionally 😛

Rusted Warrioress

Rusted 2

Many long years of hard battle have turned this former maiden into something far more harsh and hard.  Her formerly shiny steel armor shows its age and the stains of many fights.   She keeps her face covered, as her past beauty has faded and she now shows the signs of dire battle, sleepless nights, and friends lost.  She finds that anger often rules her now, even though she was not always this way.   Riding her faithful war-steed across the lands is one of the few enjoyments she finds in this world now.  Perhaps some day she will return home, but for now she must wander alone with her past.

Rusted 10

Rusted 8

Rusted 3

Rusted 4

Rusted 11

Rusted 5

Rusted 6

Rusted 7

The Warrioress Wears:

Chest – Forge-crafted Armour in Umber

Legs – Temper-Crafted Leggings in Umber

Head – Balanthol in Rust

Shoulders – Reforged Rift-Defender’s Shoulders in Rust

Feet – Reforged Rift-Defender’s Boots in Rust

Hands – Reforged Rift-Runner’s Gloves in Rust

Cloak – Cloak of the Boar in Rust

Swords – Mirrored Ancient Steel Sword of Combat


War-steed Outfit:

Harness of the Harbinger in Rust

Head-piece of the Northern Herald in Umber

Sunflower Tail-Piece

War-steed Leggings of Winter’s Light


I thought about setting this somewhere more foreboding, as the tale of the rusted warrioress is not a happy one.   However the faded colors of the Iron Hills coupled with the iron-rich waterways made me settle on there for my location.  The inspiration for this was Karazgar, I find his story a rather fascinating one (and those little piles of rust that are the only signs of him when you first start tracking him).  I hope you enjoyed the screenies, next one up should be a happy hobbit!

Violet Winter

My offering to you for the season is a warm and cozy violet colored winter outfit.  The beautiful land and night time sky of Forochel is my setting of choice.  Arianya kindly agreed to be the model, as she has many times in the past.

Happy Holidays and may the New Year bring you happiness and health!

violet winter 4

violet winter 5

violet winter 3

violet winter 8

violet winter 2

violet winter 1

violet winter 6

violet winter 9

violet winter 7

violet winter 10

Her outfit is:
Chest – Wildemore Survivor’s Heavy Breastplate in Violet
Shoulders – Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards in Violet
Gloves – Wildemore Survivor’s Medium Gloves in Violet
Boots – Steel Boots of the Valleys in Violet
Back – Cloak of the Mammutti in Violet
Weapon – Defender of Gwingris
Shield – Simbi’s Shield

WarSteed Duvainil is wearing:
Halter of Thorin’s Hall in Violet
Hunter’s Caparison in Violet
Hunter’s Leggings in Violet
Burglar’s Gear

I am a bit sad that the tunic, while all one piece, shows a seam between the torso and legs part in many of the shots.  Perhaps some day this will be fixed, as it happens to other tunic pieces too.

One last thing (if you are still reading this far down in the post!) – there is a Yule Outfit Contest being hosted by three other cosmetic blogs.  Check out this link to find out more information.  May be best outfit win!

Dusk Knight

This one has been around on my guardian for a while.  It appears in her introductory post a few years ago in fact, in addition to being what she usually wears.  However more recent additions in terms of cosmetic weapons (i. e. Replica of Elor) and a slight change in the dye I used on the shoulders (my original choice of purple was just too *bright* to me, but the twilight purple was perfect!) made me finally call this one done and get some screenies taken 🙂

Please enjoy!

Dusk Knight 1

Dusk Knight 2

Dusk Knight 5

Dusk Knight 6

Dusk Knight 3

Dusk Knight 8

Dusk Knight 4

Dusk Knight 7

Her outfit is:

Chest – Enduring Short-sleeved Shirt of Fate in Purple

Legs – Lesser Ward of the West Leggings in Purple

Shoulders – Pauldrons of the Valleys in Twilight Purple

Hands – Gloves of the Forest Bounder in Violet

Feet – Steel Boots of the Valleys in Violet

Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Purple

Back – Cloak of the Northern Lights in Violet

Sword – Replica of Elor


Steed Duvainil is wearing:

Thorin’s Hall Set (Caparison, Halter, Leggings – all in default Violet)


I did notice at some point between taking the screen shots and this post, the color scheme of the outfit and chosen screen shot location are similar to another fashion blogger’s – so Nath clearly had the same thought I did in regards to these colors and Eregion!  And we share the love of the Replica of Elor…

White Knight of Gondor

White is a tricky color in LotRO, as so many items will dye more of a grey when you try to apply a white dye to them.  But I was on a mission, and I wanted a white knight theme!  So with time, some work in the Ettenmoors, and updates releasing relevant pieces – the White Knight of Gondor was born 🙂

White Knight 5

White Knight 3

White Knight 2

White Knight 6

White Knight 4

White Knight 1

I chose a location outside of Osgiliath at night, partially in the Anduin, to show off my creation.  I had to remind myself what brought up the personal lantern, as it had been a while since my last night time photo shoot 🙂  My only unhappiness is with the greenish mottled cloud look in the sky.  As the screenies were taken over a couple of different night time cycles and at various times in the night cycle, I am not sure I can explain it other than location?  I even double checked my other night time shots that were in different locations in ME (Bree, Moors, Frostbluff, etc) and they did not have that.  I decided it was due to the pollution smog-effect from the orcs and other evil beings inhabiting Osgiliath for so long!

Her outfit is:

Chest – Jacket of the Causeway in White

Shoulders – Shoulder of the Armoury in Black

Hands – Gauntlets of the Causeway in Black

Feet – Boots of the Steely Dawn

Back – Durable Cloak of the Citadel Guard Captain


Steed Absinthe is wearing:

The Citadel Guard Set (Caparison, Halter, Legs all in White – plus the Accessory)


Purple and Gold Warrior

I’ve been wearing this outfit for a while, and decided it was time for a new fashion shoot!  Dale is a lovely town that I have spent a lot of time in lately, so I decided that the areas just outside of town would be it my preferred location.  I’ve not tried taking in-combat screenies before, so this was a lot of trial and error regarding settings – but I like the end result.  I hope you do to!

Purple Charge EditPurple Run Front EditPurple Water Crossing EditPurple Run Back EditPurple Bow EditPurple Sword EditPurple Rider Edit

Her outfit is:

Chest – Cuirass of Moonlight in Purple

Legs – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Purple

Shoulders – Potent Wildermore Pauldrons of Valour in Purple

Hands – Gauntlets of the White Mountains in Violet

Feet – Steel Boots of the Valleys in Violet

Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Purple

Back – Cloak of the Boar Clan Warrior in Purple

Sword(s) – Defender of Gwingris

Bow – Ornate Lebethron Bow of Precision


Warsteed Absinthe is equipped with:

Caparison of West Rohan in Purple

Halter of West Rohan in Purple

Victory Accessory

Tail of the Ithilien Wilds

Her fluffy feet are courtesy of the War-Steed’s Leggings of Winter’s Light


I also wanted to take this opportunity to let you know I can now be found on both Facebook and Twitter – if you use either of these platforms you are welcome to follow me there too!  The Facebook in particular will cover more than just my LotRO fashion adventures; it is also covering my previous gaming adventures, gaming-related stuff, and CATS!

Knight of Clouds

Arianya received a report about a town in danger in the lands known as the North Downs. Mounting up on her steed Duvainil she set off at a gallop to find the beleaguered town.

Knight of Clouds - Gallop EDIT

She has found some interesting ruins, so she stops to have a closer look at the architecture. While crumbling, the old structures to bring back some memories.

Knight of Clouds - Architecture EDIT

Shortly after leaving the ruins she encounters a warg attacking her from stealth. As she saw its approach she reached for her sword – this would be no contest for this guardian!

Knight of Clouds - Attacked EDIT

Arianya finds a friendly ranger at his patrol camp. She exchanges information with him, getting the location of the town from him.

Knight of Clouds - Ranger Tales EDIT

She mounts up and continues onward, catching a glimpse of the town she is looking for in the distance.

Knight of Clouds - Glimpse EDIT

While approaching the town – Stoneheight – Duv tells Arianya evil is near with her lowered head and pinned ears. Arianya looks around, but it seems the danger is straight ahead in town!

Knight of Clouds - Caution EDIT

What happens in town may be the source for another story, but rest assured the town in good hands with this guardian working in their defense!

Her Outfit is:
Chest – Jacket of the Shade-Finder in White
Legs – Ceremonial Leggings of Command in White
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secret in White
Hands – Astaldo in White
Feet – Boots of the Anorien Fields in White
Back – Reveller’s Gilded Cloak in Grey

Steed Duvainil is wearing:
Warden’s Caparison in Grey
Light Halter of the Norcrofts Undyed
Leggings of the Hammerhand Undyed

I made this outfit a while ago, experimenting with things on BullRoarer actually. I find it works well with an elven guardian, especially this one 🙂 The name really has nothing to do with the story (with the exception that the North Downs seems to be a cloudy place), but I like it anyway!

Defender of Minas Tirith

Anmorata’s journey has now brought her to Minas Tirith.  The city is threatened, the forces from Mordor sit practically on their doorstep.  But with her usual aplomb, Anmorata does what she can to help the defenders, earning herself the title of Defender of Minas Tirith!  Here is a glimpse into her adventures in this stunning yet dangerous location.

Saluting the brave Gondorian warriors

Defender of MT - Salute EDIT

Honouring the White Tree – soon the king will come!

Defender of MT - Honouring the White Tree EDIT

A stroll down the pier, even in war times a lovely place.

Defender of MT - Upon the Pier EDIT

And of course the classic view from the end of the pier – sadly it only shows the war ravaged fields of Pelennor and the ruins of Osgiliath

Defender of MT - A Look at Osgiliath EDIT

Absinthe gets a bit feisty when she knows battle is close, her spirits are so high and she just gets so excited!

Defender of Minas Tirith - Feisty Mare EDIT

But she quickly settles into a fast gallop, all the better to race our new Suhalar buddy 😉

Defender of Minas Tirith - Riding Buddy EDIT

At the end of the day, there is always at least a little time to relax and let off some steam in one of the many taverns of Minas Tirith – this one is the Merry Swan.

Defender of MT - Drink! EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Breastplate of the Five Rivers in Black
Shoulders – Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman in Black
Hands – Ceremonial Spear-shakers’s Gauntlets in Black
Feet – Boots of the Anorien Fields in Black
Back – Cloak of Naire in Black

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Caparison of Naire in Black
Halter of Michel Delving in Black
Leggings of Michel Delving in Black
Gear is Champion’s Gear

Update 17 has left me a bit busy gaming!  I very much enjoy exploring the new areas, questing, and continuing to develop my raiding characters to their new potential.  There are some interesting new cosmetics in this update – some of which I am sure will be featured in future posts 🙂

Rider of the Eorlingas

This was inspired by the recently released Hooked Cloak of the Eorlingas – I love the back of this cloak!  As my champion hails from Rohan, she was the perfect choice to return home and model this cloak.  Absinthe also received her own equine wardrobe update 🙂

RoR horn blow EDIT

RoR Dismount EDIT

RoR from the top EDIT

RoR gallop EDIT

RoR rear EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Wildemore Survivor’s Heavy Breastplate in Olive
Shoulders – Leijona Shoulder Guards in Olive
Hands – Isteron’s Steel Gloves of the First Age in Olive
Feet – Henmaru’s Ancient Boots undyed
Back – Hooded Cloak of the Eorlingas

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Kingstead Caparison in Olive
Halter of West Rohan in Olive
Light Leggings of the Entwash in Olive
Accessory of the Hammerhand

I will admit now that while I love the back of the cloak, I hate how it frames my character’s face. This is why I did not include any shots of her from the front!

Autumn Champ

Deep in the Trollshaws, the champion Anmorata was seeking her friends at a hidden elf encampment. Once she found them she would rest the remainder of the day in preparation for a lovely night of troll hunting 😀

The woods are striking in their autumn hues, so she selected armor to blend and yet still be protective. This mission is all about slaughtering the trolls who have been making the roads between the Lone Lands and Rivendell unsafe for travelers as of late.
Now, to find that hidden elf camp… where is that path again?

Fall Champ - Thinking (edit)

Time to stop for a drink, but getting closer.

Fall Champ - Water (edit)

She has found her friends! Time to relax a bit with a pipe while overlooking some of the territory she will be covering once night falls across these beautiful yet dangerous lands.

Fall Champ - Overlook (edit)

Happy troll hunting!

Her outfit is:
Chestpiece – High Officers Armor in Olive
Legs – High Officers Leggings in Olive
Shoulders – Goluranc in Orange
Gloves – Gauntlets of the Iron Arm in Orange
Boots – Boots of the Iron Arm in Orange
Back – Cloak of the Falling Leaves in Ranger Green

Fall has certainly arrived in the northern hemisphere!  I’m glad it has because now I can officially post these screenshots 🙂