Strong Beorning

Beornings are a naturally strong and sturdy race, but they cannot sit around all day eating pies in the Shire to retain those physiques! Helditha kindly demonstrates a portion of the Beorn’s daily workout routine while travelling to Bree:

This is the end goal – a strong and muscular physique perfect for slaying the minions of Mordor

Strong Beorn - Flex EDIT

To get that look, here are a couple of examples of her workout:

Strong Beorn - Pushups EDIT

Strong Beorn - Handstand EDIT

And of course there is always time for a bit of silliness while posing 🙂

Strong Beorn - Silly EDIT

Her outfit is:
Shoulders – Resilient Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons undyed
Chest – Lesser Secret of the West Breastplate in Walnut Brown
Hands – Leather Bracers of the Learned Stag in Walnut Brown
Pants – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Walnut Brown
Boots – Vibrant Brushed Skirmish Boots in Walnut Brown

Next up will be her new work out video 😛

A Beorn’s Journey – Part 3

After her perilous crossing of the Ettenmoors, Helditha follows the Hoarwell the short distance from the narrowing rocks at the edge of the Ettenmoors to the Last Bridge. There she whistles for Lybby who promptly arrives from where she was resting after her own crossing. There are plenty of wargs on the ‘Moors so poor Lybby had to run a lot! The two prepare for the next leg of the journey together into the Lone Lands.
Finally ready to go, Helditha mounts her steed on the lovely and historic Last Bridge.

Beorn Journey 3 - Last Bridge EDIT

Noting that Lybby was restive near here, Helditha goes to investigate. What she finds is an area of ominous reddish colored pools, walking corpses, and foreboding ruins. She shouts a challenge to let everyone know she will be back to deal with these threats!

Beorn Journey 3 - The Red Pools EDIT

The Lone Lands is quite broad and mostly empty of current habitations. There are plenty of ruins for the pair to gallop by though.

Beorn Journey 3 - Gallop EDIT

Further along Helditha finds herself getting closer to Weathertop. The sun is going down but her curiosity is high.

Beorn Journey 3 - Distant Weathertop EDIT

After a short yet steep trip she makes it to the top. How glorious this place must have been in its time!

Beorn Journey 3 - On Weathertop EDIT

After descending from Weathertop she continues down the road and encounters the Forsaken Inn. She finds a stall for Lybby and approaches the Inn to enter.

Beorn Journey 3 - Forsaken Inn EDIT

Well, I suppose she should have known better than to try a mug of something called Forsaken Ale… everything is soooo fuzzy, what the heck was in that!… Good thing she plans to spend the night here!

Beorn Journey 3 - Forsaken Ale EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Rift-reapers Jacket in Sienna
Legs – Leg-guards of the Flowered Vale in Sienna
Shoulders – Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards in Umber
Hands – Wildemore Survivor’s Medium Gloves in Sienna
Feet – Ajokoira Shoes in Sienna
Back – Cloak of the Mammuti in White

Steed Lybovnik is wearing:
Hunter’s Caparison undyed
Burglars’s leggings in Orange

This concludes Helditha’s journey through the Lone Lands.  Breeland and Bree are very close now!

Warm Beorn Evening

As summer starts to come to a close, Helditha travels home to visit with her family. Her father welcomes her with a party, but at one point in the evening she feels compelled to take a walk. The evening is still yet warm, although soon the chill nights of fall and winter will be upon us. For now however, she can take an evening stroll comfortably.

As she leaves the house, she spots a friend and waves a cheery hello.

Warm Beorn Evening - why hello there! EDIT

After a few words with her friend, she sets off through the fields of flowers that surround the lovely home of the House of Beorn.

Warm Beorn Evening - Stroll EDIT

She takes a moment to pause, and kneel, as she remembers the sacrifices of others.

Warm Beorn Evening - Kneeling in the Flowers EDIT

A bit further on, she sees the Carrock through a break in the trees. Once she dreamed of travelling beyond the Carrock, now she has gone farther than she ever expected.

Warm Beorn Evening - I've now gone beyond... EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Elegant Elven Dress in Burgundy
Shoulders – Elegant Silk mantle in Burgundy
Head – White Rodse Circlet in Burgundy
Back – Simbelmyne Cloak in Burgundy

While Helditha is often dressed in sturdy travelling clothes, and Beornings do have a more muscular build – they certainly look great in formal clothes too!  I almost think of her as my Serena Williams of my LotRO world – strong, confident, muscular, but all woman.  These are slightly older screenies, so I hope you can forgive me for not redoing them on maxed graphics!  I liked the mix of the white with the strong burgundy color, with a hint of brown thrown in too.

A Beorn’s Journey – Part Two

As Helditha emerges from the Misty Mountain, she realizes she is in the dangerous war-torn region called the Ettenmoors. Normally dangerous enough from the wild trolls that roam freely here, in recent times forces from Angmar have been crossing this area to probe the defences of Rivendell. Thundering across the region on Warsteed is probably not the best idea due to this. So she untacks Lyubovnik, and sends her off alone to where they will next meet. Lyub is canny and will be able to run faster unencumbered. Helditha garbs herself in dark shades, complete with a hood to better conceal herself from enemies. There should be a few spots of safety, as the elves are not letting the Angmarim forces have a free hand in this area.

Before heading into the Ettenmoors, Helditha does a final check of her gear.

Beorn Journey Part 2 - Equipment check EDIT

After a long day of travel near the Hoarwell, she finds a bridge leading to a fortress on an island. All seems calm here, and it seems the elves are currently in control of this place. She still takes a final look around before committing herself to the island.

Beorn Journey Part 2 - Looking for safety EDIT

The fortress proved to be Tol Ascarnen, and was safely in the hands of the elves. As night falls she walks a patrol around the fortress, noting the bloody moon in the sky…

Beorn Journey Part 2 - Blood moon EDIT

She left early the next day, as she hoped to be out of the Ettenmoors before night falls again. She continued to follow the Hoarwell south, knowing that at some point she would arrive at the Last Bridge. She arrives on a cliff above a small hobbit settlement and peers into the distance. If she is correct, just through that gap should be the Last Bridge!

Beorn Journey Part 2 - Looking for the Last Bridge EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Boar Clansman Sentry’s Jacket in walnut brown
Shoulders – Reinforced Leather Dunlending Shoulder Guards in walnut brown
Feet – Reinforced Leather Dunlending Boots in walnut brown
Hands – Reinforced Leather Dunlending Gauntlets in walnut brown
Head – Rift-Reaper’s Helm in walnut brown

I had fun doing this one, as I rarely venture out into the Ettenmoors and certainly not on a lvl 89 character!  But lately even the busy times have been quiet for PvMP action, and I made certain to do this shoot at a non-busy time anyway.  The ‘Moors also gives you the interesting limitation of you cannot show cosmetic clothing while there, so this outfit had to be comprised of only things my beorn could actually wear.  I hope you all enjoy this outfit and hopefully I will be back on my one a week schedule!

A Beorn’s Journey – Part One

Young Helditha was sent by her father and Radagast the Brown to Bree, to hopefully find Gandalf there and warn him of events he might not be aware of. Between the Vale and Bree however are the Misty Mountains – the first of many obstacles this young Beorn would meet, challenge, and conquer.

As she enters the mountains she meets a friendly eagle. The eagle gives her some basic direction and lets her know she will meet others who will help her on her trip through the snow-laden mountains.

Beorn Journey - Eagle Guide EDIT

Later that day she meets a hoary old mammoth bull and his herd. He lets her know about a small encampment of elves and dwarves, a place where she can possibly spend the night.

Beorn Journey - Shadow of the Mammoth EDIT

She finds the small camp easily, and is welcomed by the elves and dwarves to spend the night by the fire. And boy is she tired after this day’s travels!

Beorn Journey - Night Fire EDIT

The next day she continues. Around lunch time she finds some bear-kin to visit with while she has some refreshment.

Beorn Journey - Noontime Drink with Friends EDIT

And finally, near the end of the day – she sees the pass through the western edge of the mountains. She is finally through the Misty Mountains!

Beorn Journey - End of the Road EDIT

Her outfit is:
Shoulders – Elegant Silk Mantle in Umber
Back – Cloak of the Mammutti in White
Chest – Ferrier’s Robe in Umber
Hands – Fingerless Gloves in Umber
Boots – Shadowhyrst’s Shoes in Umber

Warsteed Lyubovnik is equipped with:
Snowbeast Steed gear undyed and without saddle

This is the first installment of Helditha’s journey.  Her first mission is to arrive in Bree, which means she will be passing through some dangerous and challenging lands.  I hope you enjoy her journey 🙂

Introducing – Helditha

Helditha of the Beorns

Growing up in the sheltered Vale did not give Helditha much of the excitement she really wanted. The Vale is beautiful, but she dreamed of travel and adventure beyond the bounds of her home. One day a strange man came to visit her father, it was Radagast the Brown! Helditha and her brother were about to explode with anticipation, when they discovered that there were actually orcs in the Vale. The powerful Beorning family swiftly defeated the orcs, but the fact that they were even there only lent weight to the warning Radagast was bringing to the Vale and the urgency of the message he needed sent onward.

Out of the siblings, Helditha was deemed the one with the best blend of good sense and adventuresomeness. Her brother was not happy at first, but he did have to admit that while he had a high sense of adventure his good sense was rather lacking! Radagast needed Helditha to travel to a human/hobbit town called Bree and bring a message of importance to another wizard named Gandalf. Her family gifted her with carefully prepared provisions and gear to ease her trek,

Helditha’s journey first took her across the rugged and cold Misty Mountains. She then followed the Mitheithel River (or Hoarwell River) through the Ettenmoors, dodging small companies out of Angmar who where testing the defenses of the Trollshaws. At the last bridge she turned west into the Lone Lands, where she traveled undisturbed to the lands of Bree. Arriving in Bree, she located the Prancing Pony and delivered the message to Gandalf. Helditha was quite tired, and planned to spend a few days in Bree checking out the sights before starting the voyage home. However, she met a human woman from Rohan in the Prancing Pony tavern the one night. After sharing a few tankards of Barliman’s Best and hearing exciting tales of adventure, Helditha changed her mind about going back home. She asked Gandalf what she could do to help, and he sent her off to assist the good folks in Bree and the local Rangers. This was the start of many great and dangerous adventures for the young Beorning!

Helditha rides the fierce and brave WarSteed Lyubovnik.

Waving hello at Dusk EDIT