Fallohide Warrior of the Eorlingas


What?!?  None of the above title makes sense you may say, how can a hobbit be a warrior of the Eorlingas?  But wait, what about the famous (or infamous) Meriadoc Brandybuck, the one who was Esquire to King Theoden?  Ah-ha!  Now things make a bit more sense.  The Eorlingas knew that a short stature sometimes hosted a brave warrior heart.  And that is the case here with Delphinia.  Trained since her youth in the ways of the warden by the elves, she is a fierce warrior in her own right.  Add in her war steed Calyx and she is well-nigh unstoppable, a true Rider of the Eorlingas!

Delphinia and Calyx often ride the wide open plains of The Mark, and one of her preferred times is as the sun is setting.  The colors of the fading sun dye the skies with many shades of red, orange, and yellow – slowly fading to darker purples and blues as the sun fades completely for the night.  Clear skies or rain however, nothing will prevent this small warrior from protecting the crofters from evil.










Delphinia is Wearing:
Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Black
Shoulders – Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman in Black
Chest – Malak-Zudur in Evendim Blue
Hands – Gloves of Resolve in Evendim Blue
Pants – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Black
Spear – Warden’s Piercer
Javelin – Strike Against the Darkness
Shield – Wildermore Combat Shield of the Soldier

Steed Calyx is wearing:
Warden’s Halter in Evendim Blue
Warden’s Caparison in Evendim Blue
Minstrel’s Leggings in Evendim Blue

This outfit has been around for a long time!  This is what Delphinia was wearing in her introduction post, and the only real change was the color of Calyx’s steed armor (I had it in Ered Luin blue at that time, since then I did buy the color pack that included Evendim Blue).   I was also able to use weapon and shield skins that fit the outfit, but neither of those were present in the original screenies.  Enjoy!

Defender of Minas Tirith

Anmorata’s journey has now brought her to Minas Tirith.  The city is threatened, the forces from Mordor sit practically on their doorstep.  But with her usual aplomb, Anmorata does what she can to help the defenders, earning herself the title of Defender of Minas Tirith!  Here is a glimpse into her adventures in this stunning yet dangerous location.

Saluting the brave Gondorian warriors

Defender of MT - Salute EDIT

Honouring the White Tree – soon the king will come!

Defender of MT - Honouring the White Tree EDIT

A stroll down the pier, even in war times a lovely place.

Defender of MT - Upon the Pier EDIT

And of course the classic view from the end of the pier – sadly it only shows the war ravaged fields of Pelennor and the ruins of Osgiliath

Defender of MT - A Look at Osgiliath EDIT

Absinthe gets a bit feisty when she knows battle is close, her spirits are so high and she just gets so excited!

Defender of Minas Tirith - Feisty Mare EDIT

But she quickly settles into a fast gallop, all the better to race our new Suhalar buddy 😉

Defender of Minas Tirith - Riding Buddy EDIT

At the end of the day, there is always at least a little time to relax and let off some steam in one of the many taverns of Minas Tirith – this one is the Merry Swan.

Defender of MT - Drink! EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Breastplate of the Five Rivers in Black
Shoulders – Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman in Black
Hands – Ceremonial Spear-shakers’s Gauntlets in Black
Feet – Boots of the Anorien Fields in Black
Back – Cloak of Naire in Black

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Caparison of Naire in Black
Halter of Michel Delving in Black
Leggings of Michel Delving in Black
Gear is Champion’s Gear

Update 17 has left me a bit busy gaming!  I very much enjoy exploring the new areas, questing, and continuing to develop my raiding characters to their new potential.  There are some interesting new cosmetics in this update – some of which I am sure will be featured in future posts 🙂

Dark Winter

Anmorata found herself assisting in Wildemore, a very cold and remote region of Rohan.  The weather was made worse by a mutated monster, causing additional ice and freezing temperatures.  During her time there helping the people, she had to dress for the climate!

Dark Winter - Back EDIT

Dark Winter - Look EDIT

Dark Winter - Shiver EDIT

She even met some of the local wildlife:

Dark Winter - Cat EDIT

Dark Winter - Bunny EDIT

And blew a sweet kiss to a local Uruk 😉

Dark Winter - Kiss3 EDIT

Her outfit is:

Chest – Ajokoira Armor in Black

Legs – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Black

Shoulders – Leijona Shoulder Guards in Black

Hands – Wildemore Survivor’s Light Gloves in Black

Feet – Ajokoira Shoes in Black

Back – Feathered Cloak of the North-men in Black

I liked the combination of sleek black with the white fur trim.  And all of it highlighted with flashes of red, gold, and light blue!  I hope you enjoyed this outfit too!

Elementals – Fire

The world of middle earth contains all of the primary elements. This is the start of my series of elemental themed outfits in hopefully appropriate settings. There is no real story behind these images, they are simply trying to convey in outfit form the element.

Walking on Fire

Elemental, Fire - Walking on fire EDIT

Starting up the forge with her fiery breath

Elemental, Fire - Firebreath EDIT


Elemental, Fire - Forging 2 EDIT

And the age old question the fashion-conscious ask:

Do these flames go with this robe?

Elemental, Fire - Do these flames go with my robe EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of Countless Stars in Crimson
Shoulders – Pauldrons of the Gallant Commander in Red
Back – Cloak of the Northern Lights in Crimson
Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Crimson
Hands – Gloves of the Forest Bounder in Red

Twilight Rider

Barliman Butterbur hosted a formal affair at the Prancing Pony one evening for his guests (not a common occurrence, but even a down to earth man like Barliman likes to see everyone in their best dress sometimes!). Anmorata was in town that evening, so chose to attend. However after the affair she was not quite ready to head to bed. Instead she dressed up Absinthe in matching gear and went out for a ride.

The light of the moon guided her out into the fields surrounding Bree.
Twilight Rider Redux - By Moolight EDIT

She hears a noise behind her, “Wait? Did someone follow me out here?” she thinks as she looks around. Absinthe clearly heard it too as her ears are following the sound.

Twilight Rider Redux - Did I Hear Someone Back There EDIT

Assured it was just a local bear roaming across the field she continues cantering under the starlight.  Her journey takes her to a lovely field of white flowers. The scent of them is heavenly as Absinthe’s hooves disturb them with their passage.

Twilight Rider Redux - Field of White Flowers EDIT

Pulling to a halt, she gazes into the distance and becomes lost in thought.  One day the war will be over and folk all over Middle Earth can enjoy nights full of peace and beauty.

Twilight Rider Redux - Distant Thoughts EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Long-sleeve Elven Dress in Black
Shoulders – Shoulder of the Hopeful Melody in Black

WarSteed Absinthe is equipped with:
Rivendell steed armor dyed Sea Blue (caparison, halter, legs)

This simple yet lovely outfit was inspired by the Rivendell Steed cosmetics, and the color of the horizon after dark!  My first try at this was terrible.  The idea was sound but I did not yet have the knowledge to take good screenshots, much less good night screenshots.  Once I did more reading, more trials, and learned a lot more – I revisited this idea and I am much happier with the end results.  I hope you as viewers enjoy it too!