Harvest Time Hearth-side Fun!

I came up with this one after last year’s Harvestmath Festival, so I decided to wait until this year to release it.  All shots were taken at one of my homes, the one with a fall/harvest/beer/rohan theme – they all seemed to go with each other!  Delphinia kindly volunteered to be my model 🙂

Harvest Dress 8

Harvest Dress 4

Harvest Dress 5

Harvest Dress 3

Harvest Dress 9

Harvest Dress 2

Harvest Dress 7

Her outfit is:

Chest – Dress of the Anorien Autumn in Sunset Orange

Shoulders – Mantle of the Gloaming Autumn

Back – Cloak of the Golden Oak in Sunset Orange

Held – Basket of Apples

The home is located on Evernight server, in the Breelands Neighborhood, Naping, 1 Fountain Street.  All are welcome to visit, and many of the other homes in that neighborhood also belong to me and are open to visits (especially in that Fountain Street / Garden Street corner)!  For this year’s Harvestmath Festival I have all eight of the treat mats out to for folks 🙂

Strong Beorning

Beornings are a naturally strong and sturdy race, but they cannot sit around all day eating pies in the Shire to retain those physiques! Helditha kindly demonstrates a portion of the Beorn’s daily workout routine while travelling to Bree:

This is the end goal – a strong and muscular physique perfect for slaying the minions of Mordor

Strong Beorn - Flex EDIT

To get that look, here are a couple of examples of her workout:

Strong Beorn - Pushups EDIT

Strong Beorn - Handstand EDIT

And of course there is always time for a bit of silliness while posing 🙂

Strong Beorn - Silly EDIT

Her outfit is:
Shoulders – Resilient Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons undyed
Chest – Lesser Secret of the West Breastplate in Walnut Brown
Hands – Leather Bracers of the Learned Stag in Walnut Brown
Pants – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Walnut Brown
Boots – Vibrant Brushed Skirmish Boots in Walnut Brown

Next up will be her new work out video 😛

Twilight Rider

Barliman Butterbur hosted a formal affair at the Prancing Pony one evening for his guests (not a common occurrence, but even a down to earth man like Barliman likes to see everyone in their best dress sometimes!). Anmorata was in town that evening, so chose to attend. However after the affair she was not quite ready to head to bed. Instead she dressed up Absinthe in matching gear and went out for a ride.

The light of the moon guided her out into the fields surrounding Bree.
Twilight Rider Redux - By Moolight EDIT

She hears a noise behind her, “Wait? Did someone follow me out here?” she thinks as she looks around. Absinthe clearly heard it too as her ears are following the sound.

Twilight Rider Redux - Did I Hear Someone Back There EDIT

Assured it was just a local bear roaming across the field she continues cantering under the starlight.  Her journey takes her to a lovely field of white flowers. The scent of them is heavenly as Absinthe’s hooves disturb them with their passage.

Twilight Rider Redux - Field of White Flowers EDIT

Pulling to a halt, she gazes into the distance and becomes lost in thought.  One day the war will be over and folk all over Middle Earth can enjoy nights full of peace and beauty.

Twilight Rider Redux - Distant Thoughts EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Long-sleeve Elven Dress in Black
Shoulders – Shoulder of the Hopeful Melody in Black

WarSteed Absinthe is equipped with:
Rivendell steed armor dyed Sea Blue (caparison, halter, legs)

This simple yet lovely outfit was inspired by the Rivendell Steed cosmetics, and the color of the horizon after dark!  My first try at this was terrible.  The idea was sound but I did not yet have the knowledge to take good screenshots, much less good night screenshots.  Once I did more reading, more trials, and learned a lot more – I revisited this idea and I am much happier with the end results.  I hope you as viewers enjoy it too!

Introducing – Helditha

Helditha of the Beorns

Growing up in the sheltered Vale did not give Helditha much of the excitement she really wanted. The Vale is beautiful, but she dreamed of travel and adventure beyond the bounds of her home. One day a strange man came to visit her father, it was Radagast the Brown! Helditha and her brother were about to explode with anticipation, when they discovered that there were actually orcs in the Vale. The powerful Beorning family swiftly defeated the orcs, but the fact that they were even there only lent weight to the warning Radagast was bringing to the Vale and the urgency of the message he needed sent onward.

Out of the siblings, Helditha was deemed the one with the best blend of good sense and adventuresomeness. Her brother was not happy at first, but he did have to admit that while he had a high sense of adventure his good sense was rather lacking! Radagast needed Helditha to travel to a human/hobbit town called Bree and bring a message of importance to another wizard named Gandalf. Her family gifted her with carefully prepared provisions and gear to ease her trek,

Helditha’s journey first took her across the rugged and cold Misty Mountains. She then followed the Mitheithel River (or Hoarwell River) through the Ettenmoors, dodging small companies out of Angmar who where testing the defenses of the Trollshaws. At the last bridge she turned west into the Lone Lands, where she traveled undisturbed to the lands of Bree. Arriving in Bree, she located the Prancing Pony and delivered the message to Gandalf. Helditha was quite tired, and planned to spend a few days in Bree checking out the sights before starting the voyage home. However, she met a human woman from Rohan in the Prancing Pony tavern the one night. After sharing a few tankards of Barliman’s Best and hearing exciting tales of adventure, Helditha changed her mind about going back home. She asked Gandalf what she could do to help, and he sent her off to assist the good folks in Bree and the local Rangers. This was the start of many great and dangerous adventures for the young Beorning!

Helditha rides the fierce and brave WarSteed Lyubovnik.

Waving hello at Dusk EDIT