Summer Days

It’s festival time in Middle Earth, and while all the races have fun and entertainments available – nothing beats the hobbit celebration! This year the hobbits have really organized a bash too: fishing, kite flying, sweet cream stand, dances, etc. All in all a very good year to enjoy the festivities.
Anmorata takes some time to enjoy the season, and Absinthe joins in!

Riding through the Shire

Summer Red  - Steed  EDIT


Whipping up some desert – sweet cream with fresh berries and honey – YUM!

Summer Red - cooking desert  EDIT


Cooling off my fellow festival attendees

Summer Red - cooling the hobbits  EDIT



Summer Red - Fishing  EDIT


Caught one 😀

Summer Red - Caught  EDIT


A beautiful day to fly a kite

Summer Red - Kite  EDIT


Ending the day with some dancing to some lovely hobbit tunes drifting on the wind from below

Summer Red - Evening Dance1 EDIT


Her outfit is:
Chest – Sleeveless Elven Tunic in Crimson
Shoulders – Medium Nadhin Shoulders in Crimson
Head – Ketill Mapmakers Hat in Crimson
Back – Fancy Elven Quiver in Crimson
Bow – Death-puller

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Caparison of the Summer Sun in Crimson
Halter of Rivendell in Crimson
Leggings of Rivendell in Crimson


I do love this tunic, and I use it on quite a few alts.  I’m looking forward to when the Belegaer Blue dye is released as it will give even more options for this tunic and a few other hard-to-match items.  Here is another variant I’ve made with a little huntress I play on the Laurelin server.  The shoulders have that similar blueish band in the front and the hat just looks so dapper – this is her standard festival outfit.  She has far more practical clothes for serious action in both regular temperatures and in the icy cold places!

Summer Purple - front  EDITSummer Purple - back  EDIT


The Red Dragon

Rumors of dragons have always been around Middle Earth. Some have proved true – like Smaug. Recently though there have been rumors about another dragon, one in the Misty Mountains near the old lands of Enedwaith. Of course these rumours abound with tales of gold and jewels also. Anmorata has decided to go see if these rumours are true, as she has always wished to see a dragon, and if she can just *borrow* a little gold she would not mind 😉

Off she goes on faithful Absinthe, time to find this dragon!

Red Dragon Travelling EDIT

She locates a clan of wild men, the Draig-luth, who worship a dragon totem. This leads her to believe she might just be on the right track here. They are fierce men, but they are no match for this peerless champion.

Red Dragon Draic Luth EDIT

In the mountains past the homes of the Draig-luth, she finds a cave mouth high on a hillside. She walks inside, and her eyes open in wonder! She cannot resist tossing a few of the gold coins up into the air.  Clearly she has found the Lair!

Red Dragon Rich Discovery EDIT

Deeper into the cave, she finds the dragon himself! He is the mighty Draigoch, powerful and dangerous. She makes her way down to a lower level closer to him, and in a moment of foolish bravery – mocks the dragon.

Red Dragon Mock EDIT

Anmorata’s adventures in the lair of Draigoch end here today. She will be back, but in the company of friends and battle companions. While the dragon is a magnificent creature to behold, he is a danger to these lands and must be driven out or killed. With a band of boon companions, Anmorata will do so! (And she did make it out with a few gold coins in her pockets)

Her outfit is:
Chest – Golden Host Coat of Haleness in Crimson
Legs – Leggings of the Moon-Lands in Red
Shoulders – Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman in Crimson
Hands – Gloves of Forbidden Love in Crimson
Feet – Aculf’s Leather Boots in Crimson
Back – Recovered Cloak of the Crossroads in Crimson
Head – Balanthol in Crimson
Sword – Polished Ancient Steel Great Sword of Combat
Bow – Death-puller

Absinthe is wearing:

Champion Halter and Champion Caparison – undyed

Here is a shot with the helm (I really don’t like helms so I rarely use them myself) that I felt went best with this outfit. The bow I used here happens to have come from the skirmish camp, but I’ve seen the same bow appearance drop from mobs, so no need to use the marks if you don’t wish to.

Red Dragon Helm EDIT

Elementals – Fire

The world of middle earth contains all of the primary elements. This is the start of my series of elemental themed outfits in hopefully appropriate settings. There is no real story behind these images, they are simply trying to convey in outfit form the element.

Walking on Fire

Elemental, Fire - Walking on fire EDIT

Starting up the forge with her fiery breath

Elemental, Fire - Firebreath EDIT


Elemental, Fire - Forging 2 EDIT

And the age old question the fashion-conscious ask:

Do these flames go with this robe?

Elemental, Fire - Do these flames go with my robe EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of Countless Stars in Crimson
Shoulders – Pauldrons of the Gallant Commander in Red
Back – Cloak of the Northern Lights in Crimson
Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Crimson
Hands – Gloves of the Forest Bounder in Red

Introducing – Reznora

Reznora of the Fallohide Hobbits

Reznora is a young hobbit minstrel. Born in the northern parts of Ered Luin, she lived there with her parents and older sister Delphinia until a tragic accident took the lives of both her parents. She showed a strong aptitude for music at a very young age, garnering some interest from an enclave of elves living nearby, who trained her in many instruments. After the accident the sisters moved back to the Shire, Tuckborough to be precise, to be near their Took relatives. Reznora kept up her musical training, and is the reason for some of the mysterious elven sightings in the Shire as her elven mentors would periodically travel to assess her progress.

As young adult hobbitess, she is known for her hospitality and outgoing personality. Her skills at both cooking and music have made invitations to gatherings at the sisters’ home highly sought after prizes. Between the disappearance of some of her Took relatives and seeing the human champion Anmorata assisting the Shire, Reznora was inspired to join the battle. Granted this did not take much urging, with her Took blood 🙂 Her inspirational music allows her to urge her fellows onto greater efforts, and even assist in the battle. Her cooking skills also help her companions, as she can provide warm, delicious meals to fortify them before and after battles.

Reznora’s travels take her all over the world, but she always loves coming back home to the Great Smials. Her sweetheart is hobbit warden who trained with her sister, and after the war is over they plan to marry.

Her beautiful white Steed is Trentina – a sturdy and intrepid mare who matches her mistress well.

Reznora Honoring  The Took at Dawn EDIT