Storied Traveler

Magieriel is heading home to Lothlorien for a visit.  As she was just visiting the recently recovered libraries of Moria, her route takes her through the dangerous beauty of Nanduhirion before she crosses the Nimrodel into the shade of the Mallorns.

storied LM 1

Storied LM 3

Storied LM 6

Storied LM 4

Storied LM 2

Storied LM 9

Storied LM 7

Storied LM 8


Magieriel is Wearing:
Chest – Tunic and Trousers of the New Bloom in Sea Blue
Feet – Boots of the Laketown Watch in Sea Blue
Hands – Astaldo in Sea Blue
Shoulders – Pauldrons of the Gallant Commander in Sea Blue
Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Sea Blue
Sword – Daellang
Staff – Staff of Storied Past

I’m back from a short hiatus!  While I feel late to the party, I did have this outfit planned for quite some time.  I’m just glad my fellow fashion bloggers used very different outfits to go with the Storied LM staff – and I hope you all enjoy my take on an outfit based on this most gorgeous of staves <3.

The True Wealth of Caras Galadhon

All cultures have a different view on what wealth is.  The elves of Lothlorien know what theirs is, the pale golden splendor of the city of Caras Galadhon.  Set high in the mallorn trees, the city glows with an inner light.  This is a place of peace, rest, and restoration.

Magieriel takes some time to visit the city of her birth and bath in the radiance that the true wealth of the Lothlorien elves.

Lorien Gold 4

Lorien Gold 1

Lorien Gold 2

Lorien Gold 5

Lorien Gold 3

Her outfit is:
Chest – Dress of the Anorien Autumn in Lorien Gold
Shoulders – Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards in Walnut Brown
Head – Circlet of Fresh-Picked Flowers in Walnut Brown
Back- Cloak of the Many Worlds in Walnut Brown

Winter is finally starting to turn to spring, so it was time for something full of light and radiance.  The soft, golden glow of Lothlorien is just what was needed!


Winter Fashion from Anor

I’ve been exploring and playing on Anor in addition to my normal Evernight activities.  As others have noted, being fashionable on the legendary servers without resorting to store purchases or already existing sets can be challenging.  Add in the more limited dye selection (again only true if you are trying to avoiding store purchases) for even a bit more challenge 🙂

I have been slowly gathering festival cosmetics, quest gear, and dropped gear and storing it all away in my wardrobe.  While I’ve not yet been excited over the  quest and dropped options, I did put together a couple of festival-based outfits for two of my characters.

This is the outfit I put together for my main – a High Elf Warden

turq winter 3

turq winter 5


This is the outfit I put together for a Elf Hunter.

olive winter 3

olive winter 4

I have seen many variations on both of these, many to very good effect!  Fashion is subjective, so find what works best for you and go for it!

Outfit details:

Turquoise outfit is:

Chest – Vestments of the Northern Sky in Turquoise

Shoulders – Fur Mantle in Grey

Head – Woodland Crown


Olive outfit is:

Chest – Anorien Dress in Olive

Shoulders – Fur Mantle in Olive

Head – Extravagant Festival Hat in Olive

Back – Fancy Winter Cloak in Olive

Dusk Knight

This one has been around on my guardian for a while.  It appears in her introductory post a few years ago in fact, in addition to being what she usually wears.  However more recent additions in terms of cosmetic weapons (i. e. Replica of Elor) and a slight change in the dye I used on the shoulders (my original choice of purple was just too *bright* to me, but the twilight purple was perfect!) made me finally call this one done and get some screenies taken 🙂

Please enjoy!

Dusk Knight 1

Dusk Knight 2

Dusk Knight 5

Dusk Knight 6

Dusk Knight 3

Dusk Knight 8

Dusk Knight 4

Dusk Knight 7

Her outfit is:

Chest – Enduring Short-sleeved Shirt of Fate in Purple

Legs – Lesser Ward of the West Leggings in Purple

Shoulders – Pauldrons of the Valleys in Twilight Purple

Hands – Gloves of the Forest Bounder in Violet

Feet – Steel Boots of the Valleys in Violet

Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Purple

Back – Cloak of the Northern Lights in Violet

Sword – Replica of Elor


Steed Duvainil is wearing:

Thorin’s Hall Set (Caparison, Halter, Leggings – all in default Violet)


I did notice at some point between taking the screen shots and this post, the color scheme of the outfit and chosen screen shot location are similar to another fashion blogger’s – so Nath clearly had the same thought I did in regards to these colors and Eregion!  And we share the love of the Replica of Elor…

Avorrim Dream

Arianya was invited to visit the Avorrim while she was in West Gondor assisting the men of Gondor with the corsairs.  The Avorrim elves are kin of Cirdan, who she trained under many years ago.   Cirdan sent them to watch over the old port of Edhellond on the Belfalas coast, and there they have remained.  They keep to their caverns mostly, and maintain a polite but distant relationship with the men of Gondor.

The Avorrim fully welcomed Arianya as kin during her visit, giving her the opportunity to shed her armor and fully relax, even if for a short time.  Their caverns are full of light and elvish splendor, making them a wonderful place for rest!

Avor look EDIT

Avor sit EDIT

Avor walk EDIT

Avor gazebo EDIT

Avor statue EDIT

Her outfit is:

Chest – Exquisite Elven Dress in Grey

Head – Woodland Crown

Shoulders – Lore-keeper’s Shoulders in Grey

This is an outfit I’ve had on Arianya for a while, although rarely as the active outfit.  I like the blend of brown and grey tones, with almost a hint of green to them.  It was not until the release of the Woodland Crown that I really felt it was complete.  I hope you enjoy this relatively simple, yet elegant, outfit too!

Green & Gold

The days are getting cooler, and the bright green of the trees is now being kissed with gold, red, and orange.  Stonedeans near Brockbridge is a lovely example of the colors that come with autumn.  Wild horses, goats, and bears can readily be found here too!

To celebrate the change of seasons Magieriel shows off a nice combination of deep and light greens mixed with rich gold tones.


Her outfit is:
Chest – Summerdays Dress in Gold
Shoulders – Shoulders of the Mighty Verse in Dark Green
Back – Golden Tree Summer Cloak in Dark Green
Head – Dwarf-Make Circlet

WarSteed Biblioteq is equipped with:
Caparison of Naire in Forest Green
Halter of Thorin’s Hall in Forest Green
Light Leggings of the Wold in Forest Green

For the purists, yes I know the dwarf-make circlet is technically blueish in color, but I like the overall look of it and from a bit of a distance it looks greenish when added in with all the other greenish tones.  There is a circlet I looked at (ceremonial circlet of the seven stars) that is a bit bigger and properly dyable that also works very well here, I was just too lazy to get it 🙂

Knight of Clouds

Arianya received a report about a town in danger in the lands known as the North Downs. Mounting up on her steed Duvainil she set off at a gallop to find the beleaguered town.

Knight of Clouds - Gallop EDIT

She has found some interesting ruins, so she stops to have a closer look at the architecture. While crumbling, the old structures to bring back some memories.

Knight of Clouds - Architecture EDIT

Shortly after leaving the ruins she encounters a warg attacking her from stealth. As she saw its approach she reached for her sword – this would be no contest for this guardian!

Knight of Clouds - Attacked EDIT

Arianya finds a friendly ranger at his patrol camp. She exchanges information with him, getting the location of the town from him.

Knight of Clouds - Ranger Tales EDIT

She mounts up and continues onward, catching a glimpse of the town she is looking for in the distance.

Knight of Clouds - Glimpse EDIT

While approaching the town – Stoneheight – Duv tells Arianya evil is near with her lowered head and pinned ears. Arianya looks around, but it seems the danger is straight ahead in town!

Knight of Clouds - Caution EDIT

What happens in town may be the source for another story, but rest assured the town in good hands with this guardian working in their defense!

Her Outfit is:
Chest – Jacket of the Shade-Finder in White
Legs – Ceremonial Leggings of Command in White
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secret in White
Hands – Astaldo in White
Feet – Boots of the Anorien Fields in White
Back – Reveller’s Gilded Cloak in Grey

Steed Duvainil is wearing:
Warden’s Caparison in Grey
Light Halter of the Norcrofts Undyed
Leggings of the Hammerhand Undyed

I made this outfit a while ago, experimenting with things on BullRoarer actually. I find it works well with an elven guardian, especially this one 🙂 The name really has nothing to do with the story (with the exception that the North Downs seems to be a cloudy place), but I like it anyway!

In Zudrugund Library

Magieriel has decided to visit the old and crumbling library of Zudrugund. It is not quite forgotten, as the two dwarves Nar and Frithgeir tend it still. They alone are not enough to prevent the slow decline of the building, especially as Nar’s hold on sanity is not the best.

The entry hall however is still magnificent, with the still-functioning lights and dwarven statuary.

Zudrugund Library - Entry EDIT

She looks over the books, deciding on one high on a shelf.

Zudrugun Library - I want that one EDIT

The sturdy stone desks are still in great shape for her to study her chosen text.

Zudrugund Library - Studies EDIT

Not all parts of the library have held up so well however. The damage here is extensive and the thought of all that lost knowledge makes her sad.

Zudrugund Library - Mourn EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Golden Host Coat of Haleness in Sienna
Legs – Dirge-Singer’s Leggings in Rust
Shoulders – Pauldron of the Gallent Commander in Rust
Head – Circlet of Adamant in Rust
Feet – Boots of the Forest Bounder in Gold
Gloves – Dirge-Singer’s Bracers in Rust

In Elrond’s Library

Magieriel the loremaster is often found in the libraries of Middle Earth. She is always seeking knowledge in both the known and unknown/lost libraries. Today she is visiting Elrond’s Library in Rivendell.

She looks over the selection on these shelves. Anything of interest here?

Elrond's Library - Magi looks over the books EDIT

Up the ramp she goes, time to check out the second floor.

Elrond's Library - Up the ramp EDIT

Her knowledge of this library comes to good use when she needs to direct someone else!

Elrond's Library - It's over there 2 EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of Resolve in Forest Green
Shoulders – Lore-Keeper’s Shoulders in Forest Green
Head – Runemaker’s Hat in Rivendell Green
Feet – Lesser Memory of the West Shoes in Rivendell Green

Magieriel will be visiting more of the libraries of Middle Earth, and sharing her journey’s with you all!

Elementals – Water

Evendim is the perfect place for anything dedicated to water. And specifically the grotto where Gwindeth resides is the best!

Honoring Gwindeth

Elemental, Water - Bow EDIT

Gazing at the reflection of light on the scales

Elemental, water - gaze EDIT

Playing in the shallows making waves

Elemental, water - making waves EDIT

Treading water

Elemental, Water - treading EDIT


Elemental, water - backstroke EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Ancient Inlaid Breastplate in Sea Blue
Shoulders – Shoulders of the Deathstorm in Sea Blue
Head – Runemaker’s Hat in Sea Blue
Back – Cloak of the Silver Star in Sea Blue

And a bonus screenie just because I liked it too much to not include it:

Elemental, water - closeup EDIT

This concludes the elemental series.  I hope you enjoyed the outfits!  I had a lot of fun coming up with them, the locations, and the actual screenies 🙂