By the Deep Blue Sea

Isilmearon was the first High Elf character I made, and she was named for her connections to the sea and moon (two connections I have always loved).  Even her War-steed’s name – Gwingil – reflects this love of the sea. She has always been drawn to the sea, even before the call to come home started to strengthen.  While she hears it, she continues to resist.  However she cannot resist the call of the gulls, the splash of the waves, the endless blue skies, the sparkle of sunlight on the constantly moving waters…

There are some dangers though along the coast, so she does not go unarmed and unaware.

blue sea 1

blue sea 4

blue sea 10

blue sea 12

blue sea 2

blue sea 11

blue sea 7

Her outfit is:
Chest – Armor of the Forest in White
Legs – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Belegaer Blue
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secrecy in Belegaer Blue
Gloves – Lesser Secret of the West Gauntlets in Belegaer Blue
Boots – Ceremonial Boots of the Gambler in White
Back- Fine Elven Quiver in Moria Silver
Weapon – Peerless Thain’s Dagger of Combat
Bow – Ornate Lebethron Bow of Precision

War-Steed Gwingil is wearing:
Rivendell Set in Grey

As a reminder to folks looking for the pieces, Ceremonial means I bought it from Lalia’s market.  These items are also found as barter or quest pieces, so if you are searching the Wiki for them leave off the Ceremonial part 🙂

Looking for Gold

Reznora is quite the intrepid hobbit adventuress, and one of her newest discoveries is a love of treasure hunting!   She was recently taught by the dwarves of the Blue Mountain how to pan for gold, so off she went to find a possible stream to pan.  She decide on the shallow waterways in Western Gondor, near the town of Calembel.  To be honest probably not the best choice, as the Gondorian folk have been living in the area for a long time, but its where she wanted to go!  (I would have thought the river flowing down through Enedwaith from Draigoch’s lair would be a better choice, but hobbits do what hobbits want to do…).  She did have some success, but I secretly believe some Gondorian nobleman’s purse had torn and lost some coins in the shallow river crossing upstream.

This outfit was inspired by my desire to have a sturdy travelers outfit for this hobbit adventuress.  With the cured leather pants and gloves, rolled up shirtsleeves, and snazzy padded red vest – Reznora certainly fits the bill of an adventurous hobbit lass.  Add in the backpack full of important supplies and a steed laden with the remainer of the supples (and her own snazzy red gear) – this team is ready to head off into the wilderness for adventure!


Treasure Hunter 3

Treasure Hunter 4

Treasure Hunter 5

Treasure Hunter 2

Treasure Hunter 9

Treasure Hunter 6

Treasure Hunter 8

Treasure Hunter 11

Treasure Hunter 12

Treasure Hunter 16

Treasure Hunter 14

Her outfit is:

Chest – Arth-Crus in White

Gloves – Gloves of Resolve in Umber

Pants – Ceremonial Wandering Bard’s Leggings in Umber

Back- Treasure Hunter’s Pack in Crimson



WarSteed Trentina is wearing:

Rune Keeper’s Caparison in Red

Light Halter of the Sutcrofts in Red

Light Leggings of the Entwash in Red

Burglar’s Gear

White Knight of Gondor

White is a tricky color in LotRO, as so many items will dye more of a grey when you try to apply a white dye to them.  But I was on a mission, and I wanted a white knight theme!  So with time, some work in the Ettenmoors, and updates releasing relevant pieces – the White Knight of Gondor was born 🙂

White Knight 5

White Knight 3

White Knight 2

White Knight 6

White Knight 4

White Knight 1

I chose a location outside of Osgiliath at night, partially in the Anduin, to show off my creation.  I had to remind myself what brought up the personal lantern, as it had been a while since my last night time photo shoot 🙂  My only unhappiness is with the greenish mottled cloud look in the sky.  As the screenies were taken over a couple of different night time cycles and at various times in the night cycle, I am not sure I can explain it other than location?  I even double checked my other night time shots that were in different locations in ME (Bree, Moors, Frostbluff, etc) and they did not have that.  I decided it was due to the pollution smog-effect from the orcs and other evil beings inhabiting Osgiliath for so long!

Her outfit is:

Chest – Jacket of the Causeway in White

Shoulders – Shoulder of the Armoury in Black

Hands – Gauntlets of the Causeway in Black

Feet – Boots of the Steely Dawn

Back – Durable Cloak of the Citadel Guard Captain


Steed Absinthe is wearing:

The Citadel Guard Set (Caparison, Halter, Legs all in White – plus the Accessory)


Avorrim Dream

Arianya was invited to visit the Avorrim while she was in West Gondor assisting the men of Gondor with the corsairs.  The Avorrim elves are kin of Cirdan, who she trained under many years ago.   Cirdan sent them to watch over the old port of Edhellond on the Belfalas coast, and there they have remained.  They keep to their caverns mostly, and maintain a polite but distant relationship with the men of Gondor.

The Avorrim fully welcomed Arianya as kin during her visit, giving her the opportunity to shed her armor and fully relax, even if for a short time.  Their caverns are full of light and elvish splendor, making them a wonderful place for rest!

Avor look EDIT

Avor sit EDIT

Avor walk EDIT

Avor gazebo EDIT

Avor statue EDIT

Her outfit is:

Chest – Exquisite Elven Dress in Grey

Head – Woodland Crown

Shoulders – Lore-keeper’s Shoulders in Grey

This is an outfit I’ve had on Arianya for a while, although rarely as the active outfit.  I like the blend of brown and grey tones, with almost a hint of green to them.  It was not until the release of the Woodland Crown that I really felt it was complete.  I hope you enjoy this relatively simple, yet elegant, outfit too!

Foxy Lady

With the release of North Ithilien came a few odd cosmetic pieces – a half face mask that resembles a fox, a cloak that features a fox (and sadly is undyable), and a set of shoulders.  Also, if you do enough daily herbalist quests you can get a new steed with matching war steed cosmetics.  I admit I was not impressed by any of these at first.  But then my little cosmetic brain started thinking of these new pieces…

There are some dresses that I also liked, but I decided to stay with this light armor look for my official interpretation of the North Ithilien foxy lady 🙂










Her outfit is:
Chest – Jacket of Vigor in Bullroarer’s Green
Legs – Leg-Guards of the Flowered Vale in Sienna
Shoulders – Mantle of the Noth Ithilien Wilds undyed
Head – Mask of the North Ithilien Fox undyed
Feet – Barrow-Scout’s Boots in Dark Green
Gloves – Astaldo in Bullroarer’s Green
Back – Wreath of the North Ithilien Wilds

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Halter, Legs, Caparison, and Tail of the Ithilien Wilds – all dyed White


Thank you for reading!  If you want to explore other options that go with these North Ithilien pieces, I found that the Bullroarer’s Green and Lorien Gold dyes worked well.  There was at least one other chestpiece that I liked, and several dresses – and that was just what appealed to me!

Defender of Minas Tirith

Anmorata’s journey has now brought her to Minas Tirith.  The city is threatened, the forces from Mordor sit practically on their doorstep.  But with her usual aplomb, Anmorata does what she can to help the defenders, earning herself the title of Defender of Minas Tirith!  Here is a glimpse into her adventures in this stunning yet dangerous location.

Saluting the brave Gondorian warriors

Defender of MT - Salute EDIT

Honouring the White Tree – soon the king will come!

Defender of MT - Honouring the White Tree EDIT

A stroll down the pier, even in war times a lovely place.

Defender of MT - Upon the Pier EDIT

And of course the classic view from the end of the pier – sadly it only shows the war ravaged fields of Pelennor and the ruins of Osgiliath

Defender of MT - A Look at Osgiliath EDIT

Absinthe gets a bit feisty when she knows battle is close, her spirits are so high and she just gets so excited!

Defender of Minas Tirith - Feisty Mare EDIT

But she quickly settles into a fast gallop, all the better to race our new Suhalar buddy 😉

Defender of Minas Tirith - Riding Buddy EDIT

At the end of the day, there is always at least a little time to relax and let off some steam in one of the many taverns of Minas Tirith – this one is the Merry Swan.

Defender of MT - Drink! EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Breastplate of the Five Rivers in Black
Shoulders – Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman in Black
Hands – Ceremonial Spear-shakers’s Gauntlets in Black
Feet – Boots of the Anorien Fields in Black
Back – Cloak of Naire in Black

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Caparison of Naire in Black
Halter of Michel Delving in Black
Leggings of Michel Delving in Black
Gear is Champion’s Gear

Update 17 has left me a bit busy gaming!  I very much enjoy exploring the new areas, questing, and continuing to develop my raiding characters to their new potential.  There are some interesting new cosmetics in this update – some of which I am sure will be featured in future posts 🙂

Merchant Captain

Dol Amroth may be under a blockade from the Umbarrin corsairs, but there are still a few brave merchant captains who have been successful at blockade running! This brave lady captain is one (just don’t look too closely at her methods, or in her ship’s hold!)

First she celebrates a successful docking in DA – those corsairs are pesky but they don’t stop her!

Merchant Captain - Port Dance EDIT

Then she makes rounds of the town vendors, selling the goods she brought in and buying goods to take. She learned a long time ago it’s best to test the coin before you accept it…

Merchant Captain - The Deal EDIT

After a successful day of dealing in town, its time for a drink at the Harper’s Court before heading back to the ship.

Merchant Captian - Celebratory Drink EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Disused robe of the dunland soothsayer undyed
Legs – Ceremonial wandering bard’s leggings in Umber
Head – First Mate’s Hat and Eyepatch in Umber
Shoulders – Pauldrons of the Stoic Stag in Walnut
Hands – Engraved Iron Gauntlets in Walnut
Feet – Trapper’s leather boots in Walnut
Back – Cloak of the Boar in Umber

This tale is about Anmorata’s Gondorian cousin.  Anmorata taught her cousin swordplay in return for lessons on captaining a ship.  Clearly they both learned from the best 😀  This is an *older* outfit for me, from when I was first starting to be interested in making outfits and stories to go with them, and before I learned how to maximize graphics.  I hope you enjoyed it and now time to go back to making up new outfits and stories!

Battle Maiden of Gondor

The Corsairs of Umbar have invaded the fair city of Dol Amroth and its surroundings. These pirates mean to take the region for themselves, as they foolishly believe they have a right too. Anmorata disagrees with their plan and is not about to let them stick around without a battle.

From the distance, Dol Amroth appears peaceful.

BattleMaid Redux - Overlook EDIT

But Anmorata knows that peace is not anywhere to be found here. She prepares herself for imminent battle with a few practice swings.

BattleMaid Redux - Exercises EDIT
The corsair ships so close to Dol Amroth and her family there make her furious! Her sword Minneyear cannot wait to taste corsair blood.

BattleMaid Redux - Threat EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Ancient Inlaid Breast Plate in Steel Blue
Back – Cloak of the Raven in Steel Blue
Helm – Winged Circlet undyed
Shoulders – Heavy Nadhin Shoulders in Steel Blue
Hands – Gauntlets of the Iron Arm in Steel Blue
Feet – Boots of the Iron Arm in Steel Blue

As with many others, I love this chest piece!  It’s incredibly beautiful and is a favorite it seems of most fashionistas of the LotRO world.  I hope you enjoy my take on it, and look for it again as I have yet another plan for it 🙂