Spring Anniversary!

Easter 2019 3

So, four years ago today I made my first post on this blog.  And my how the time as flown!  I have grown and learned – looking back at some of my earlier screenshots makes me cringe a bit, but they were the best I knew how to do at the time.  I like to think I’ve learned and grown over the years 😉

Also approaching is the anniversary of LotRO.  I’m looking forward to not only the new adventures in this years anniversary festival, but the new adventures that await us in the Vales of Anduin and beyond!

And last but not least, this time of year is also important to many religions, especially here in the northern hemisphere as winter has finally released us and the season of spring is really starting to get going.  So I decided just to do a couple themed spring/easter screenies to celebrate my own blogiversary, the LotRO anniversary,  and the season – thank you all for being along for the ride 🙂

Easter 2019 4


Delphinia is wearing:

Exquisite Short-Sleeved Dress in Sea Blue

Circlet of Fresh-Picked Flowers in Sea Blue

Carrying the Basket of Colourful Eggs

Chronicler of Twilight

Magieriel found herself in the Limlight Gorge near evening one day. It is a wild and lonely land, made dangerous in recent days by trolls and enormous spiders wandering down from the Misty Mountains. Once this land was a part of Lothlorien, but those day were long long ago. Much to her surprise though, she found ancient spirits wandering under the stars in this land – remnants of times long past.

As she rides into the the gorge, she looks over and sees in the distance a momument to friendship. While not visible, could the spirit of Amity be near?

Chronicler of Twilight - The Hand of Amity EDIT

This particular ruin filled her with reverence for the past. Perhaps the spirit of Reverence draws near as the mountains darken to purple?

Chronicler of Twilight - Looking for Reverance EDIT

Sitting upon Biblioteq on this high hill as night falls, Magieriel pulls out her lute and begins to play. While she is lost in the music, the spirit of Melody fills her soul.

Chronicler of Twilight - Song for Melody EDIT

A grove of trees reminds her of of the past glories of this land. Clearly the spirit of Remembrance calls this place home.

Chronicler of Twilight - Night of Remembrance2 EDIT

Under the stars she ponders the paths of learning she has traveled. These paths have lead her to better self-awareness, insight into the world around her, and understanding. The spirit of Enlightenment shares a moment with her.

Chronicler of Twilight - Stars of Enlightenment2 EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of the Hopeful Melody in Violet
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secret in Violet
Hands – Gloves of Resolve in Steel Blue
Feet – Steel Boots of the Valley in Steel Blue
Back – Cloak of the Golden Wood in Violet

WarSteed Biblioteq is equipped with:
Spooky Caparison of the Bat in Indigo
Hunter’s Halter in Indigo
Rune-Keeper’s Leggings in Indigo

The inspiration for this arrived when I first received the title Chronicler of Twilight.  That however was not on Magi, so my next step was to complete the quest with her, as she seemed like she would be perfect for the role 🙂  The outfit is all my own idea, but the Steed’s gear was put together by my friend Aldermere.  I can say that getting decent screenies near randomly moving spirits was quite the challenge, and was based on a LOT of luck!