Storied Traveler

Magieriel is heading home to Lothlorien for a visit.  As she was just visiting the recently recovered libraries of Moria, her route takes her through the dangerous beauty of Nanduhirion before she crosses the Nimrodel into the shade of the Mallorns.

storied LM 1

Storied LM 3

Storied LM 6

Storied LM 4

Storied LM 2

Storied LM 9

Storied LM 7

Storied LM 8


Magieriel is Wearing:
Chest – Tunic and Trousers of the New Bloom in Sea Blue
Feet – Boots of the Laketown Watch in Sea Blue
Hands – Astaldo in Sea Blue
Shoulders – Pauldrons of the Gallant Commander in Sea Blue
Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Sea Blue
Sword – Daellang
Staff – Staff of Storied Past

I’m back from a short hiatus!  While I feel late to the party, I did have this outfit planned for quite some time.  I’m just glad my fellow fashion bloggers used very different outfits to go with the Storied LM staff – and I hope you all enjoy my take on an outfit based on this most gorgeous of staves <3.

The True Wealth of Caras Galadhon

All cultures have a different view on what wealth is.  The elves of Lothlorien know what theirs is, the pale golden splendor of the city of Caras Galadhon.  Set high in the mallorn trees, the city glows with an inner light.  This is a place of peace, rest, and restoration.

Magieriel takes some time to visit the city of her birth and bath in the radiance that the true wealth of the Lothlorien elves.

Lorien Gold 4

Lorien Gold 1

Lorien Gold 2

Lorien Gold 5

Lorien Gold 3

Her outfit is:
Chest – Dress of the Anorien Autumn in Lorien Gold
Shoulders – Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards in Walnut Brown
Head – Circlet of Fresh-Picked Flowers in Walnut Brown
Back- Cloak of the Many Worlds in Walnut Brown

Winter is finally starting to turn to spring, so it was time for something full of light and radiance.  The soft, golden glow of Lothlorien is just what was needed!


Green & Gold

The days are getting cooler, and the bright green of the trees is now being kissed with gold, red, and orange.  Stonedeans near Brockbridge is a lovely example of the colors that come with autumn.  Wild horses, goats, and bears can readily be found here too!

To celebrate the change of seasons Magieriel shows off a nice combination of deep and light greens mixed with rich gold tones.


Her outfit is:
Chest – Summerdays Dress in Gold
Shoulders – Shoulders of the Mighty Verse in Dark Green
Back – Golden Tree Summer Cloak in Dark Green
Head – Dwarf-Make Circlet

WarSteed Biblioteq is equipped with:
Caparison of Naire in Forest Green
Halter of Thorin’s Hall in Forest Green
Light Leggings of the Wold in Forest Green

For the purists, yes I know the dwarf-make circlet is technically blueish in color, but I like the overall look of it and from a bit of a distance it looks greenish when added in with all the other greenish tones.  There is a circlet I looked at (ceremonial circlet of the seven stars) that is a bit bigger and properly dyable that also works very well here, I was just too lazy to get it 🙂

In Zudrugund Library

Magieriel has decided to visit the old and crumbling library of Zudrugund. It is not quite forgotten, as the two dwarves Nar and Frithgeir tend it still. They alone are not enough to prevent the slow decline of the building, especially as Nar’s hold on sanity is not the best.

The entry hall however is still magnificent, with the still-functioning lights and dwarven statuary.

Zudrugund Library - Entry EDIT

She looks over the books, deciding on one high on a shelf.

Zudrugun Library - I want that one EDIT

The sturdy stone desks are still in great shape for her to study her chosen text.

Zudrugund Library - Studies EDIT

Not all parts of the library have held up so well however. The damage here is extensive and the thought of all that lost knowledge makes her sad.

Zudrugund Library - Mourn EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Golden Host Coat of Haleness in Sienna
Legs – Dirge-Singer’s Leggings in Rust
Shoulders – Pauldron of the Gallent Commander in Rust
Head – Circlet of Adamant in Rust
Feet – Boots of the Forest Bounder in Gold
Gloves – Dirge-Singer’s Bracers in Rust

Elementals – Earth

The rich colors of the earth abound in this area.  That together with rich crops and earthy creatures made Dunland the perfect area for these screenshots 🙂

Sorting the seeds

Elementals, Earth - Sorting EDIT

Planting for future crops

Elementals, Earth - Planting EDIT

Taking a stroll with bunny

Elementals, Earth - Walking with Bunny EDIT

Relaxing next to friend boar

Elementals, Earth - Tired Boar EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Long-Sleeve Summer Dress in Umber
Shoulders – Elegant Silk Mantle in Burgandy
Head – Harverst Brew Circlet in Burgandy

Elementals – Air

I wish sound could be conveyed in picture form, as the location of these shots is rather windy.  The sound of the breeze through the trees and the motion of them made this a lovely place to take these shots, as well as the lovely scenery 🙂  Perhaps one day I shall take a few videos here to try to capture that feeling!

Learning to take flight and leave the ground

Elemental, Air - Taking Flight learning to fly EDIT

Learning by observing – time to release the spirit guide!

Elemental, Air - Fly Spirit Fly EDIT

Feeling light and free

Elemental, Air - Spin1 EDIT

Time to spread our wings and fly!

Elemental, Air - Spin2 take wing and fly EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Exquisite Elven Dress in Ered Luin Blue
Shoulders – Lesser Memory of the West Shoulder Guards in Ered Luin Blue
Head – Winged Circlet in Ered Luin Blue
Back – Swan Cloak in Ered Luin Blue

Angel of Edhelion

Once every 10 years, Magieriel journeys to the ruins of Edhelion to honor the memories of lost kin. She spent a lot of time in Edhelion herself, studying and adding to the knowledge kept there. She lost many friends in the tradgedy that befell the small community.

Looking out over the ruins from a bridge, she remembers the thriving community Edhelion once was.

Angel of Edhellion Redux - Remembering the Past

She pays her respects to the sacrifice of Talagan.

Angel of Edhellion Redux - Respect for the Fallen

She rests on one of the porches, lost in memory of long distant times and long gone friends.

Angel of Edhellion Redux - Sitting between Pillars

Her outfit is:
Chest – Reveller’s Gilded Party Dress in White
Shoulders – Shoulder Pads of Resolve in Rivendell Green
Back – Swan Cloak in Rivendell Green
Head – Fine Elven Circlet

This was one of my first stories to go with an outfit, even though the outfit is really a very simple one.  Thank you for viewing!

Map Maker

The elfess Magiriel has heard about some recent changes to the region of the East Wall. As the elves prefer to keep very accurate records of the lands, she has set out to map the coordinates of these changes. Since the journey leads her into war torn lands, she chose to wear sturdy leathers in a color to hopefully blend with the surroundings. She brings her mapping/scribing supplies with her in a back pack and packed upon her faithful warsteed Biblioteq. Her staff, sword, and animal companions also ensure her safety.

She rides by the Argonath with a wolf companion in search of the changed area.

Mapmaker - Near Parth EDIT

She found the new cave opening.  She makes notations about hit on her scrolls while a feline friend keeps watch.  She will have to come back later and with different equipment to map the insides.

Mapmaker - Taking Notes EDIT

After she is done, she heads over to lake Nen Hithoel to look out over the vistas, again with her feline friend assisting and guarding (and who would want to take on that cat with those fangs?)

Mapmaker - New Vistas with Cat - Fixed EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Westerness Leather Jacket of Determination in Rivendell Green
Legs – Threadbare Leggings of the Dunland Healer in Rivendell Green
Shoulders – Dunland Caretaker’s Patched Mantle in Sienna
Feet – Barrow-Scout’s Boots in Sienna
Hands – Ceremonial Spear Shaker’s Gauntlets in Sienna
Back – Map-Maker’s Pack in Rivendell Green
Head – Adventurer’s Hat in Forest Green

WarSteed Biblioteq is equipped with:
Lore-Master’s Caparison, Halter, Legs, and Gear (forest green)

This outfit was inspired by my interest in making sturdy looking outfits that my characters could travel long distances in.  Perfect for their journeys around Middle Earth!  Perhaps someday Magi will explore that cave system for us too 🙂

Chronicler of Twilight

Magieriel found herself in the Limlight Gorge near evening one day. It is a wild and lonely land, made dangerous in recent days by trolls and enormous spiders wandering down from the Misty Mountains. Once this land was a part of Lothlorien, but those day were long long ago. Much to her surprise though, she found ancient spirits wandering under the stars in this land – remnants of times long past.

As she rides into the the gorge, she looks over and sees in the distance a momument to friendship. While not visible, could the spirit of Amity be near?

Chronicler of Twilight - The Hand of Amity EDIT

This particular ruin filled her with reverence for the past. Perhaps the spirit of Reverence draws near as the mountains darken to purple?

Chronicler of Twilight - Looking for Reverance EDIT

Sitting upon Biblioteq on this high hill as night falls, Magieriel pulls out her lute and begins to play. While she is lost in the music, the spirit of Melody fills her soul.

Chronicler of Twilight - Song for Melody EDIT

A grove of trees reminds her of of the past glories of this land. Clearly the spirit of Remembrance calls this place home.

Chronicler of Twilight - Night of Remembrance2 EDIT

Under the stars she ponders the paths of learning she has traveled. These paths have lead her to better self-awareness, insight into the world around her, and understanding. The spirit of Enlightenment shares a moment with her.

Chronicler of Twilight - Stars of Enlightenment2 EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of the Hopeful Melody in Violet
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secret in Violet
Hands – Gloves of Resolve in Steel Blue
Feet – Steel Boots of the Valley in Steel Blue
Back – Cloak of the Golden Wood in Violet

WarSteed Biblioteq is equipped with:
Spooky Caparison of the Bat in Indigo
Hunter’s Halter in Indigo
Rune-Keeper’s Leggings in Indigo

The inspiration for this arrived when I first received the title Chronicler of Twilight.  That however was not on Magi, so my next step was to complete the quest with her, as she seemed like she would be perfect for the role 🙂  The outfit is all my own idea, but the Steed’s gear was put together by my friend Aldermere.  I can say that getting decent screenies near randomly moving spirits was quite the challenge, and was based on a LOT of luck!

Introducing – Magieriel

Magieriel of Lorien

Magieriel of Lorien is a historian of the elves. She was born near the beginning of the second age in early Lorien under the reign of Amdir. Trained in staff and sword, she uses her deep knowledge of nature to battle the evils of Mordor in the current age.

For many years Magieriel has served as both a Keeper of Lore, and a Keeper of Peace. She is a skilled warrior when times demand she be, but her preference is to seek knowledge. She loves to delve into libraries, and has travelled the realms searching for forgotten knowledge in the ruins of cities she once walked. Her neat and precise record-keeping has assisted many other scholars, and have made her a valuable resource to Elrond and the remaining elven leaders. She met Anmorata briefly at Rivendell when the human woman was there for the war council.

Her history is quite extensive. She walked the lands of Numenor when elves were still welcomed there. She greeted Galadriel and Celeborn when they arrived in Lorien, and helped them plant some of the first Mallorn trees. Magieriel was present when the remenant of the Numenoriens landed on the shores of Middle Earth, and fought in the Last Alliance at the very end of the second age. When The Necromancer grew in power and attempted to invade Lorien, Magieriel stood strong with the realm’s protectors. And now that Sauron is emerging yet again, she is still here ready for battle.

Magieriel’s current Steed companion is the dedicated and intelligent Biblioteq.

Elrond's Library - Magi looks over the books EDIT