A Captain of Dale

Andrys is home on leave, and he takes the opportunity to walk around Dale.  The town is rebuilding fast from the last enemy incursion, but you can still see signs of damage in some places.  However the spirits of the people are high, and trade is already flowing quite well.

There are still dangers present outside of the town walls though, so when exercising his steed Glawar he makes sure he is armed!

Dale 9

Dale 8

Dale 5

Dale 6

Dale 7

Dale 3

Dale 2

Dale 1
His outfit is:
Chest – Uruk-Catchers Jacket in Rivendell Green
Legs – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Umber
Shoulders – Fine Grey Company Wrap in Olive
Gloves – Lesser Secret of the West Gauntlets in Rivendell Green
Boots – Barrow-Scout’s Boots in Rivendell Green
Head – Circlet of Adamant in Olive
Back- Cloak of the Grey Company in Rivendell Green
Weapon – Mirrored Ancient Steel Halberd of Combat

Warsteed Glawar is wearing:
Halter of Bree in Forest Green
Kingstead Caparison in Forest Green
Guardian’s Leggings in Forest Green

Thank you for reading!

Warden in the Hollin – Legendary Edition

Burgundy 8

When I started on Anor I decided I wanted to see if I could put a more serious effort into the Warden class.  Hence Tamar Erynrian – the High Elf warden – was born.  I still don’t know if I totally understand all my gambits and the most effective ways to chain the skills, but I do know I am having fun with her!

Burgundy 3

As with my previous Legendary server outfit post – this is created solely by gear that is available via world drop, outfit vendor, barter vendor, or festival.  I’m doing my best to avoid items from the stores (including Lalia’s).  This also includes limiting the dye choices to ones currently available via crafting or what festivals have thus far occurred.

Burgundy 2

Burgundy 6

Burgundy 4

Burgundy 1

Her outfit is:
Chest – Bear Hide Shirt in Burgundy
Legs – Time-worn Leggings in Sienna
Shoulders – Repossessed Shoulderguards in Burgundy
Gloves – Old Mugwort’s Gauntlets in Burgundy
Boots – Boots of the Ruin-Hold in Burgundy
Back- Warden’s Pack in Burgundy
Spear – Rochbenaith
Javelin – Ornate Black Ash Javelin of Precision
Shield – Warden of Haudh Eglan

She is riding the Steed of the Eldar Autumn

I hope you’ve enjoyed my latest foray into Legendary fashion!

By the Deep Blue Sea

Isilmearon was the first High Elf character I made, and she was named for her connections to the sea and moon (two connections I have always loved).  Even her War-steed’s name – Gwingil – reflects this love of the sea. She has always been drawn to the sea, even before the call to come home started to strengthen.  While she hears it, she continues to resist.  However she cannot resist the call of the gulls, the splash of the waves, the endless blue skies, the sparkle of sunlight on the constantly moving waters…

There are some dangers though along the coast, so she does not go unarmed and unaware.

blue sea 1

blue sea 4

blue sea 10

blue sea 12

blue sea 2

blue sea 11

blue sea 7

Her outfit is:
Chest – Armor of the Forest in White
Legs – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Belegaer Blue
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secrecy in Belegaer Blue
Gloves – Lesser Secret of the West Gauntlets in Belegaer Blue
Boots – Ceremonial Boots of the Gambler in White
Back- Fine Elven Quiver in Moria Silver
Weapon – Peerless Thain’s Dagger of Combat
Bow – Ornate Lebethron Bow of Precision

War-Steed Gwingil is wearing:
Rivendell Set in Grey

As a reminder to folks looking for the pieces, Ceremonial means I bought it from Lalia’s market.  These items are also found as barter or quest pieces, so if you are searching the Wiki for them leave off the Ceremonial part 🙂

Introducing – Andrys

Andrys profile

Andrys is a young man of Dale, with quite an influential personality. However the one person he wants to influence the most, a female archer of great skill, he is unable to even speak around. He hones his skills as a leader and motivator, hoping to one day catch the attention of the one woman he loves above all others. He started training when just a boy with the Dale Guards, seeking to achieve a high position within the guard. Andrys was born and raised in Dale by his loving parents along with a younger sister.

Emissaries of Mordor appeared at the gates of Dale making inquiries about hobbits and missing rings simultaneously with word of strange and warlike people gathering on the eastern edges of the Dale lands. The troop Andrys was in was sent to the border to provide protection to the farmers and other Dale-folk living there. For the next two years they lived and fought on the eastern border, as the Easterlings were vicious and many. One day, the Easterlings started to mass in great numbers. It was apparent something was going to happen, and very soon it did. Many of Andrys’ companions and shield mates were killed in the battle, those who did survive barely did so. Andrys suffered a head wound which knocked him unconscious and bled copiously – probably saving his life. The Easterlings had their orders to attack Dale, and did not stay to ensure that all of the Dale border troops were dead.

Andrys returned to consciousness surrounded by death. Horrified by what he saw he did his best to hurry back to Dale, as he was profoundly worried about the city he loved. Sadly by the time he made it back Dale had been sacked, and none of the Dale folk were to be found. Andrys scrounged some supplies while sneaking into Dale to gather some intelligence on what had happened. He was relieved to hear the Easterlings bitterly complaining about the Dale-folk sheltering inside Erebor, and saddened to hear of his king’s death. He made a small camp in one of the ruins near Dale and proceeded the harass the Easterlings every chance he could get.

One day there was a great commotion among the Easterlings, it seems their great leader had been killed. The Easterling commanders within Dale argued amongst themselves about what to do next, giving Andrys time to ride hard for Erebor. Once there he informed the new kings Bard II and Thorin III of the Easterlings disarray. The combined might of Dale and Erebor, along with Andrys now leading his own men, were enough to break the siege of Dale! With the Easterlings routed, the rebuilding of Dale could finally begin, again. Andrys was reunited with his family, who thankfully had been sheltering in Erebor. His mysterious lady-love however was nowhere to be found, as she had been out on a mission of her own.

In recognition of his prowess in battle and efforts during the Easterling invasion, Andrys was officially awarded his own command. He was further honored to provide the guard for the emissary of Dale being sent to King Elessar’s coronation. It was here in Gondor at this happy occasion, that he finds his lady archer, yet he finds himself still unable to speak to her…

He rides the war steed Glawar, a mighty stallion who has been trained to battle by the Rohirrim. His golden coat gleams brightly, hence his name which means “golden color of sunshine” in Sindarin.

Intro Ride

For those of you interested in the pieces of this set – both character and steed – don’t worry!  I am working on that for a future post with more screenies and all those juicy details 🙂

Introducing – Delphinia

Delphinia of the Fallohide Hobbits

Delphinia is a young hobbit warden. Born in the northern parts of Ered Luin, she lived there with her parents and younger sister Reznora until a tragic accident took the lives of both her parents. She accompanied the young Reznora in her visits to the elven enclave near their home. While her sister learned music, she took lessons in spear and javelin warfare from the elven warriors. After the accident the sisters moved back to the Shire, Tuckborough to be precise, to be near their Took relatives. Delphinia kept up her martial training, and is the reason for some of the mysterious elven sightings in the Shire as her elven mentors would periodically travel to assess her progress .

Delphinia is quieter than her sister, but just as cheerful. She learned woodworking techniques from the elves also, and she continues to hone her skills. After Reznora left home to join the battle against the growing darkness, it was not long before Delphinia properly closed up their home and set out on a journey herself. Her skills as an elven-trained warden would be useful in this war!

Her steed is named Calyx, and she safely takes Delphinia to whatever battle she is needed in the most.

Delph Look1


Dramatic Sky

Foxy Lady

With the release of North Ithilien came a few odd cosmetic pieces – a half face mask that resembles a fox, a cloak that features a fox (and sadly is undyable), and a set of shoulders.  Also, if you do enough daily herbalist quests you can get a new steed with matching war steed cosmetics.  I admit I was not impressed by any of these at first.  But then my little cosmetic brain started thinking of these new pieces…

There are some dresses that I also liked, but I decided to stay with this light armor look for my official interpretation of the North Ithilien foxy lady 🙂










Her outfit is:
Chest – Jacket of Vigor in Bullroarer’s Green
Legs – Leg-Guards of the Flowered Vale in Sienna
Shoulders – Mantle of the Noth Ithilien Wilds undyed
Head – Mask of the North Ithilien Fox undyed
Feet – Barrow-Scout’s Boots in Dark Green
Gloves – Astaldo in Bullroarer’s Green
Back – Wreath of the North Ithilien Wilds

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Halter, Legs, Caparison, and Tail of the Ithilien Wilds – all dyed White


Thank you for reading!  If you want to explore other options that go with these North Ithilien pieces, I found that the Bullroarer’s Green and Lorien Gold dyes worked well.  There was at least one other chestpiece that I liked, and several dresses – and that was just what appealed to me!

Strong Beorning

Beornings are a naturally strong and sturdy race, but they cannot sit around all day eating pies in the Shire to retain those physiques! Helditha kindly demonstrates a portion of the Beorn’s daily workout routine while travelling to Bree:

This is the end goal – a strong and muscular physique perfect for slaying the minions of Mordor

Strong Beorn - Flex EDIT

To get that look, here are a couple of examples of her workout:

Strong Beorn - Pushups EDIT

Strong Beorn - Handstand EDIT

And of course there is always time for a bit of silliness while posing 🙂

Strong Beorn - Silly EDIT

Her outfit is:
Shoulders – Resilient Westfold Skirmish Pauldrons undyed
Chest – Lesser Secret of the West Breastplate in Walnut Brown
Hands – Leather Bracers of the Learned Stag in Walnut Brown
Pants – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Walnut Brown
Boots – Vibrant Brushed Skirmish Boots in Walnut Brown

Next up will be her new work out video 😛

Dark Winter

Anmorata found herself assisting in Wildemore, a very cold and remote region of Rohan.  The weather was made worse by a mutated monster, causing additional ice and freezing temperatures.  During her time there helping the people, she had to dress for the climate!

Dark Winter - Back EDIT

Dark Winter - Look EDIT

Dark Winter - Shiver EDIT

She even met some of the local wildlife:

Dark Winter - Cat EDIT

Dark Winter - Bunny EDIT

And blew a sweet kiss to a local Uruk 😉

Dark Winter - Kiss3 EDIT

Her outfit is:

Chest – Ajokoira Armor in Black

Legs – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Black

Shoulders – Leijona Shoulder Guards in Black

Hands – Wildemore Survivor’s Light Gloves in Black

Feet – Ajokoira Shoes in Black

Back – Feathered Cloak of the North-men in Black

I liked the combination of sleek black with the white fur trim.  And all of it highlighted with flashes of red, gold, and light blue!  I hope you enjoyed this outfit too!

A Beorn’s Journey – Part 3

After her perilous crossing of the Ettenmoors, Helditha follows the Hoarwell the short distance from the narrowing rocks at the edge of the Ettenmoors to the Last Bridge. There she whistles for Lybby who promptly arrives from where she was resting after her own crossing. There are plenty of wargs on the ‘Moors so poor Lybby had to run a lot! The two prepare for the next leg of the journey together into the Lone Lands.
Finally ready to go, Helditha mounts her steed on the lovely and historic Last Bridge.

Beorn Journey 3 - Last Bridge EDIT

Noting that Lybby was restive near here, Helditha goes to investigate. What she finds is an area of ominous reddish colored pools, walking corpses, and foreboding ruins. She shouts a challenge to let everyone know she will be back to deal with these threats!

Beorn Journey 3 - The Red Pools EDIT

The Lone Lands is quite broad and mostly empty of current habitations. There are plenty of ruins for the pair to gallop by though.

Beorn Journey 3 - Gallop EDIT

Further along Helditha finds herself getting closer to Weathertop. The sun is going down but her curiosity is high.

Beorn Journey 3 - Distant Weathertop EDIT

After a short yet steep trip she makes it to the top. How glorious this place must have been in its time!

Beorn Journey 3 - On Weathertop EDIT

After descending from Weathertop she continues down the road and encounters the Forsaken Inn. She finds a stall for Lybby and approaches the Inn to enter.

Beorn Journey 3 - Forsaken Inn EDIT

Well, I suppose she should have known better than to try a mug of something called Forsaken Ale… everything is soooo fuzzy, what the heck was in that!… Good thing she plans to spend the night here!

Beorn Journey 3 - Forsaken Ale EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Rift-reapers Jacket in Sienna
Legs – Leg-guards of the Flowered Vale in Sienna
Shoulders – Lesser Arrow of the West Shoulder Guards in Umber
Hands – Wildemore Survivor’s Medium Gloves in Sienna
Feet – Ajokoira Shoes in Sienna
Back – Cloak of the Mammuti in White

Steed Lybovnik is wearing:
Hunter’s Caparison undyed
Burglars’s leggings in Orange

This concludes Helditha’s journey through the Lone Lands.  Breeland and Bree are very close now!

A Beorn’s Journey – Part Two

As Helditha emerges from the Misty Mountain, she realizes she is in the dangerous war-torn region called the Ettenmoors. Normally dangerous enough from the wild trolls that roam freely here, in recent times forces from Angmar have been crossing this area to probe the defences of Rivendell. Thundering across the region on Warsteed is probably not the best idea due to this. So she untacks Lyubovnik, and sends her off alone to where they will next meet. Lyub is canny and will be able to run faster unencumbered. Helditha garbs herself in dark shades, complete with a hood to better conceal herself from enemies. There should be a few spots of safety, as the elves are not letting the Angmarim forces have a free hand in this area.

Before heading into the Ettenmoors, Helditha does a final check of her gear.

Beorn Journey Part 2 - Equipment check EDIT

After a long day of travel near the Hoarwell, she finds a bridge leading to a fortress on an island. All seems calm here, and it seems the elves are currently in control of this place. She still takes a final look around before committing herself to the island.

Beorn Journey Part 2 - Looking for safety EDIT

The fortress proved to be Tol Ascarnen, and was safely in the hands of the elves. As night falls she walks a patrol around the fortress, noting the bloody moon in the sky…

Beorn Journey Part 2 - Blood moon EDIT

She left early the next day, as she hoped to be out of the Ettenmoors before night falls again. She continued to follow the Hoarwell south, knowing that at some point she would arrive at the Last Bridge. She arrives on a cliff above a small hobbit settlement and peers into the distance. If she is correct, just through that gap should be the Last Bridge!

Beorn Journey Part 2 - Looking for the Last Bridge EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Boar Clansman Sentry’s Jacket in walnut brown
Shoulders – Reinforced Leather Dunlending Shoulder Guards in walnut brown
Feet – Reinforced Leather Dunlending Boots in walnut brown
Hands – Reinforced Leather Dunlending Gauntlets in walnut brown
Head – Rift-Reaper’s Helm in walnut brown

I had fun doing this one, as I rarely venture out into the Ettenmoors and certainly not on a lvl 89 character!  But lately even the busy times have been quiet for PvMP action, and I made certain to do this shoot at a non-busy time anyway.  The ‘Moors also gives you the interesting limitation of you cannot show cosmetic clothing while there, so this outfit had to be comprised of only things my beorn could actually wear.  I hope you all enjoy this outfit and hopefully I will be back on my one a week schedule!