Looking for Gold

Reznora is quite the intrepid hobbit adventuress, and one of her newest discoveries is a love of treasure hunting!   She was recently taught by the dwarves of the Blue Mountain how to pan for gold, so off she went to find a possible stream to pan.  She decide on the shallow waterways in Western Gondor, near the town of Calembel.  To be honest probably not the best choice, as the Gondorian folk have been living in the area for a long time, but its where she wanted to go!  (I would have thought the river flowing down through Enedwaith from Draigoch’s lair would be a better choice, but hobbits do what hobbits want to do…).  She did have some success, but I secretly believe some Gondorian nobleman’s purse had torn and lost some coins in the shallow river crossing upstream.

This outfit was inspired by my desire to have a sturdy travelers outfit for this hobbit adventuress.  With the cured leather pants and gloves, rolled up shirtsleeves, and snazzy padded red vest – Reznora certainly fits the bill of an adventurous hobbit lass.  Add in the backpack full of important supplies and a steed laden with the remainer of the supples (and her own snazzy red gear) – this team is ready to head off into the wilderness for adventure!


Treasure Hunter 3

Treasure Hunter 4

Treasure Hunter 5

Treasure Hunter 2

Treasure Hunter 9

Treasure Hunter 6

Treasure Hunter 8

Treasure Hunter 11

Treasure Hunter 12

Treasure Hunter 16

Treasure Hunter 14

Her outfit is:

Chest – Arth-Crus in White

Gloves – Gloves of Resolve in Umber

Pants – Ceremonial Wandering Bard’s Leggings in Umber

Back- Treasure Hunter’s Pack in Crimson



WarSteed Trentina is wearing:

Rune Keeper’s Caparison in Red

Light Halter of the Sutcrofts in Red

Light Leggings of the Entwash in Red

Burglar’s Gear

Searching for Spring

The hobbitess Reznora is getting rather tired of winter. This year winter has been particularly cold and snowy, especially in the past few months. It seems that spring will never arrive… The cold temperatures and that thought make her shiver.

Searching for Spring - Shiver EDIT

So, being an intrepid young hobbit, Reznora decides to take matters into her own hands and go looking for spring. It really is time for it to begin! She sets out down the road, searching. This area seems to be getting there, but still not quite the full-blown spring she is looking for. It is still chilly here also! She shakes her head in exasperation and looks up for perhaps some inspiration on where to search next…

Searching for Spring - Exasperation EDIT

The journey continues on, but then it happens! She finds SPRING!!!!! It really does exist!!!! Time to throw off the warm wintery clothes and jump for joy among the spring flowers 🙂

Searching for Spring - Spring Flowers Found! EDIT

In addition, there are the lovely flowering trees scattered all over the place. You know just one good strong breeze and the world will be filled with, and covered with, beautiful pink blossoms. Reznora is at this journeys end!

Searching for Spring - Spring Trees Found! EDIT

Her outfit is:
(in springtime)
Chest – Jacket of the Erebor Watcher in Rose
Pants – Lanfereth’s Doom in Violet
Back – Cooks Trappings in Violet
Hat – Slagvi’s Hat in Violet

(and while searching)
Hat – Yule Stocking Cap in Rose
Shoulders – Yule Scarf in Violet
Feet – Snow dusted traveller’s boots in Purple

I found this to be the perfect post for the first day of spring!  I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful season 🙂

Adventures of a Yule Hobbit

Reznora the Yule Hobbit has been assigned the important task of helping to deliver presents this year for Yule. However, she’s never done this before! So she went on an adventure to get herself prepared for the big day.

She did not want to miss anyone on the big day, so she searched high:

Xmas hobbit looking high - Edit

She searched low (thank goodness for patient ponies who are not spooked by being ridden on ice!)

Xmas hobbit looking low - Edit

She became super excited when she made the important chimney discovery!!

Xmas hobbit with chimney - edit

And finally after all her travelling back to her festive home to relax by the fire 🙂

Xmas hobbit at rest - Edit

She should now be all ready for the big day in just a few more weeks 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the adventure of Reznora the Yule Hobbit!

Her outfit is:
Chest – Wildemore Survivor’s Robe in Crimson
Gloves – Wildemore Survivor’s medium Gloves in White
Boots – Boots of the Learned in Crimson
Head – Wintery Yule Cap in Crimson
Back – Wintery Yule Backpack in Dark Green

WarSteed Trentina is naked!

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season!

Yule Hobbit Cheer Edit

Introducing – Reznora

Reznora of the Fallohide Hobbits

Reznora is a young hobbit minstrel. Born in the northern parts of Ered Luin, she lived there with her parents and older sister Delphinia until a tragic accident took the lives of both her parents. She showed a strong aptitude for music at a very young age, garnering some interest from an enclave of elves living nearby, who trained her in many instruments. After the accident the sisters moved back to the Shire, Tuckborough to be precise, to be near their Took relatives. Reznora kept up her musical training, and is the reason for some of the mysterious elven sightings in the Shire as her elven mentors would periodically travel to assess her progress.

As young adult hobbitess, she is known for her hospitality and outgoing personality. Her skills at both cooking and music have made invitations to gatherings at the sisters’ home highly sought after prizes. Between the disappearance of some of her Took relatives and seeing the human champion Anmorata assisting the Shire, Reznora was inspired to join the battle. Granted this did not take much urging, with her Took blood 🙂 Her inspirational music allows her to urge her fellows onto greater efforts, and even assist in the battle. Her cooking skills also help her companions, as she can provide warm, delicious meals to fortify them before and after battles.

Reznora’s travels take her all over the world, but she always loves coming back home to the Great Smials. Her sweetheart is hobbit warden who trained with her sister, and after the war is over they plan to marry.

Her beautiful white Steed is Trentina – a sturdy and intrepid mare who matches her mistress well.

Reznora Honoring  The Took at Dawn EDIT