Colorful Autumn Nights

Autumn Rider 2

The Trollshaws is an area that abounds with both beauty and danger.  The dramatic cliffs, colorful leaves, and babbling brooks all are quite striking.  However this land abuts the Ettenmoors, home of trolls and other fell monsters.  And sometimes these dire creatures venture into the Trollshaws, making travel hazardous for the unwary.  The elves of nearby Rivendell are often on patrol and have several outposts, but they always welcome a trusted friend to help out.

Autumn Rider 9

Autumn Rider 3

Autumn Rider 7

Autumn Rider 8

Autumn Rider 1

Autumn Rider 5

Autumn Rider 11

Autumn Rider 4

Autumn Rider 6

Anmorata is wearing:

Chest – Lesser Claw of the West Breastplate in Imladris Fallen Leaf
Legs – Ceremonial Wandering Bard’s Leggings in Imladris Fallen Leaf
Gloves – Gauntlets of the Grey Mountain Elite in Imladris Fallen Leaf
Feet – Dwarf-smith’s Boots in Imladris Fallen Leaf
Shoulders – Expeditionary’s Embossed Mantle in Imladris Fallen Leaf
Back – Cloak of the Autumn Wood (hoodless) in Imladris Fallen Leaf
Weapons – Soaring Bow of the Depths and Lethal Edge

Absinthe is wearing:

Caparison of the Eldar Autumn in Rust
Sunflower Headpiece in Rust
Sunflower Tailpiece in Black
War-steed’s Leggings of Winter’s Light

Unsurprisingly, Absinthe was displeased that our shots of her rearing at night turned out so badly (dark horse head against a dark background just does NOT work).  The lantern effect only is useful for humans/elves/dwarves/hobbits/beorns, not mares, it seems…  So we compromised and selected a shot of her rearing at dawn, with all the lovely colors that dawn brings.  And those colors are light enough to show off her beautiful black coat to it’s best advantage 🙂

Autumn Rider 12

Autumn Champ

Deep in the Trollshaws, the champion Anmorata was seeking her friends at a hidden elf encampment. Once she found them she would rest the remainder of the day in preparation for a lovely night of troll hunting 😀

The woods are striking in their autumn hues, so she selected armor to blend and yet still be protective. This mission is all about slaughtering the trolls who have been making the roads between the Lone Lands and Rivendell unsafe for travelers as of late.
Now, to find that hidden elf camp… where is that path again?

Fall Champ - Thinking (edit)

Time to stop for a drink, but getting closer.

Fall Champ - Water (edit)

She has found her friends! Time to relax a bit with a pipe while overlooking some of the territory she will be covering once night falls across these beautiful yet dangerous lands.

Fall Champ - Overlook (edit)

Happy troll hunting!

Her outfit is:
Chestpiece – High Officers Armor in Olive
Legs – High Officers Leggings in Olive
Shoulders – Goluranc in Orange
Gloves – Gauntlets of the Iron Arm in Orange
Boots – Boots of the Iron Arm in Orange
Back – Cloak of the Falling Leaves in Ranger Green

Fall has certainly arrived in the northern hemisphere!  I’m glad it has because now I can officially post these screenshots 🙂

In Elrond’s Library

Magieriel the loremaster is often found in the libraries of Middle Earth. She is always seeking knowledge in both the known and unknown/lost libraries. Today she is visiting Elrond’s Library in Rivendell.

She looks over the selection on these shelves. Anything of interest here?

Elrond's Library - Magi looks over the books EDIT

Up the ramp she goes, time to check out the second floor.

Elrond's Library - Up the ramp EDIT

Her knowledge of this library comes to good use when she needs to direct someone else!

Elrond's Library - It's over there 2 EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of Resolve in Forest Green
Shoulders – Lore-Keeper’s Shoulders in Forest Green
Head – Runemaker’s Hat in Rivendell Green
Feet – Lesser Memory of the West Shoes in Rivendell Green

Magieriel will be visiting more of the libraries of Middle Earth, and sharing her journey’s with you all!

Introducing – Magieriel

Magieriel of Lorien

Magieriel of Lorien is a historian of the elves. She was born near the beginning of the second age in early Lorien under the reign of Amdir. Trained in staff and sword, she uses her deep knowledge of nature to battle the evils of Mordor in the current age.

For many years Magieriel has served as both a Keeper of Lore, and a Keeper of Peace. She is a skilled warrior when times demand she be, but her preference is to seek knowledge. She loves to delve into libraries, and has travelled the realms searching for forgotten knowledge in the ruins of cities she once walked. Her neat and precise record-keeping has assisted many other scholars, and have made her a valuable resource to Elrond and the remaining elven leaders. She met Anmorata briefly at Rivendell when the human woman was there for the war council.

Her history is quite extensive. She walked the lands of Numenor when elves were still welcomed there. She greeted Galadriel and Celeborn when they arrived in Lorien, and helped them plant some of the first Mallorn trees. Magieriel was present when the remenant of the Numenoriens landed on the shores of Middle Earth, and fought in the Last Alliance at the very end of the second age. When The Necromancer grew in power and attempted to invade Lorien, Magieriel stood strong with the realm’s protectors. And now that Sauron is emerging yet again, she is still here ready for battle.

Magieriel’s current Steed companion is the dedicated and intelligent Biblioteq.

Elrond's Library - Magi looks over the books EDIT