Blue Winter

I usually try to introduce my models before featuring them, but I have not written up a proper introduction yet for this one – yet I had come up with a wonderful outfit I wanted to show off.  I ended my dilemma by deciding to feature the outfit before introducing my new High Elf.  At some point you will get the official introduction for her, but for now enjoy the lovely looks of Isilmearon in Blue Winter!


Blue Winter Glance

Blue Winter Hand look

Blue Winter Looking off

Blue Winter Look

Blue Winter Think

Blue Winter Swan

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of the Flowered Vale dyed Belegaer Blue
Shoulders – Fur Mantle
Head – Woodland Crown
Feet – Shoes of the Learned Stag dyed Belegaer Blue
Gloves – Wildemore Survivor’s Light Gloves dyed Belegaer Blue
Back – Cloak of Narie dyed Belegaer Blue

I really like the new cosmetics released this past Yule festival, especially the shoulders and crown.  I wanted to see how they worked with some of the other wintry themed items lurking around in the vaults when I re-encountered this robe.  The bits of fur trim on it made it a pleasing choice, and the belegaer blue dye works well with all the pieces.  I debated on the cloak, as there are a few that could be used, but ultimately settled on the Cloak of Narie due to the nice blend of blues, grays, and browns that compliment the rest of the pieces.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and play around to find your style!

Winterhome for the Holidays

Tis the holiday season!  Anmorata is heading to Winterhome to celebrate with friends and family.

As the evening falls and the light starts to change, she sees the town of Winterhome through the trees.


She has grown chilled during her travel here, so first she warms up by the fire.  It appears she is the first to arrive, as the town is calm and quiet.


She strolls through town, checking old familiar sights and just simply playing around.




And last but not least, she visits an old friend just outside of town before heading to the inn for the night!


Her outfit is:
Chest – Wintery Yule Robe in Red
Shoulders – Grimbeorn’s Shoulders in Red
Feet – Ajokoira Shoes in Red
Gloves – Extravagant Festival Gloves in Red
Back – Fancy Snow-cloak in Red

Thank you for reading as always!  For anyone very curious, these screenies were actually taken last year after the winter festival ended.  I just left my poor champ there and hoped that there would be no other lingering folks touring the now quiet and empty Winterhome 😀

Edit:  I was looking at steed cosmetics and this is what I came up with to match / compliment this outfit.



Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Snow-beast Caparison in Red
Snow-beast Halter in Red
Hunter’s Leggings in Red
Dagorlad Accessory


In Elrond’s Library

Magieriel the loremaster is often found in the libraries of Middle Earth. She is always seeking knowledge in both the known and unknown/lost libraries. Today she is visiting Elrond’s Library in Rivendell.

She looks over the selection on these shelves. Anything of interest here?

Elrond's Library - Magi looks over the books EDIT

Up the ramp she goes, time to check out the second floor.

Elrond's Library - Up the ramp EDIT

Her knowledge of this library comes to good use when she needs to direct someone else!

Elrond's Library - It's over there 2 EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of Resolve in Forest Green
Shoulders – Lore-Keeper’s Shoulders in Forest Green
Head – Runemaker’s Hat in Rivendell Green
Feet – Lesser Memory of the West Shoes in Rivendell Green

Magieriel will be visiting more of the libraries of Middle Earth, and sharing her journey’s with you all!

Elementals – Fire

The world of middle earth contains all of the primary elements. This is the start of my series of elemental themed outfits in hopefully appropriate settings. There is no real story behind these images, they are simply trying to convey in outfit form the element.

Walking on Fire

Elemental, Fire - Walking on fire EDIT

Starting up the forge with her fiery breath

Elemental, Fire - Firebreath EDIT


Elemental, Fire - Forging 2 EDIT

And the age old question the fashion-conscious ask:

Do these flames go with this robe?

Elemental, Fire - Do these flames go with my robe EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of Countless Stars in Crimson
Shoulders – Pauldrons of the Gallant Commander in Red
Back – Cloak of the Northern Lights in Crimson
Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Crimson
Hands – Gloves of the Forest Bounder in Red

A Beorn’s Journey – Part One

Young Helditha was sent by her father and Radagast the Brown to Bree, to hopefully find Gandalf there and warn him of events he might not be aware of. Between the Vale and Bree however are the Misty Mountains – the first of many obstacles this young Beorn would meet, challenge, and conquer.

As she enters the mountains she meets a friendly eagle. The eagle gives her some basic direction and lets her know she will meet others who will help her on her trip through the snow-laden mountains.

Beorn Journey - Eagle Guide EDIT

Later that day she meets a hoary old mammoth bull and his herd. He lets her know about a small encampment of elves and dwarves, a place where she can possibly spend the night.

Beorn Journey - Shadow of the Mammoth EDIT

She finds the small camp easily, and is welcomed by the elves and dwarves to spend the night by the fire. And boy is she tired after this day’s travels!

Beorn Journey - Night Fire EDIT

The next day she continues. Around lunch time she finds some bear-kin to visit with while she has some refreshment.

Beorn Journey - Noontime Drink with Friends EDIT

And finally, near the end of the day – she sees the pass through the western edge of the mountains. She is finally through the Misty Mountains!

Beorn Journey - End of the Road EDIT

Her outfit is:
Shoulders – Elegant Silk Mantle in Umber
Back – Cloak of the Mammutti in White
Chest – Ferrier’s Robe in Umber
Hands – Fingerless Gloves in Umber
Boots – Shadowhyrst’s Shoes in Umber

Warsteed Lyubovnik is equipped with:
Snowbeast Steed gear undyed and without saddle

This is the first installment of Helditha’s journey.  Her first mission is to arrive in Bree, which means she will be passing through some dangerous and challenging lands.  I hope you enjoy her journey 🙂

Chronicler of Twilight

Magieriel found herself in the Limlight Gorge near evening one day. It is a wild and lonely land, made dangerous in recent days by trolls and enormous spiders wandering down from the Misty Mountains. Once this land was a part of Lothlorien, but those day were long long ago. Much to her surprise though, she found ancient spirits wandering under the stars in this land – remnants of times long past.

As she rides into the the gorge, she looks over and sees in the distance a momument to friendship. While not visible, could the spirit of Amity be near?

Chronicler of Twilight - The Hand of Amity EDIT

This particular ruin filled her with reverence for the past. Perhaps the spirit of Reverence draws near as the mountains darken to purple?

Chronicler of Twilight - Looking for Reverance EDIT

Sitting upon Biblioteq on this high hill as night falls, Magieriel pulls out her lute and begins to play. While she is lost in the music, the spirit of Melody fills her soul.

Chronicler of Twilight - Song for Melody EDIT

A grove of trees reminds her of of the past glories of this land. Clearly the spirit of Remembrance calls this place home.

Chronicler of Twilight - Night of Remembrance2 EDIT

Under the stars she ponders the paths of learning she has traveled. These paths have lead her to better self-awareness, insight into the world around her, and understanding. The spirit of Enlightenment shares a moment with her.

Chronicler of Twilight - Stars of Enlightenment2 EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Robe of the Hopeful Melody in Violet
Shoulders – Ceremonial Shoulders of the Lady’s Secret in Violet
Hands – Gloves of Resolve in Steel Blue
Feet – Steel Boots of the Valley in Steel Blue
Back – Cloak of the Golden Wood in Violet

WarSteed Biblioteq is equipped with:
Spooky Caparison of the Bat in Indigo
Hunter’s Halter in Indigo
Rune-Keeper’s Leggings in Indigo

The inspiration for this arrived when I first received the title Chronicler of Twilight.  That however was not on Magi, so my next step was to complete the quest with her, as she seemed like she would be perfect for the role 🙂  The outfit is all my own idea, but the Steed’s gear was put together by my friend Aldermere.  I can say that getting decent screenies near randomly moving spirits was quite the challenge, and was based on a LOT of luck!

Introducing – Magieriel

Magieriel of Lorien

Magieriel of Lorien is a historian of the elves. She was born near the beginning of the second age in early Lorien under the reign of Amdir. Trained in staff and sword, she uses her deep knowledge of nature to battle the evils of Mordor in the current age.

For many years Magieriel has served as both a Keeper of Lore, and a Keeper of Peace. She is a skilled warrior when times demand she be, but her preference is to seek knowledge. She loves to delve into libraries, and has travelled the realms searching for forgotten knowledge in the ruins of cities she once walked. Her neat and precise record-keeping has assisted many other scholars, and have made her a valuable resource to Elrond and the remaining elven leaders. She met Anmorata briefly at Rivendell when the human woman was there for the war council.

Her history is quite extensive. She walked the lands of Numenor when elves were still welcomed there. She greeted Galadriel and Celeborn when they arrived in Lorien, and helped them plant some of the first Mallorn trees. Magieriel was present when the remenant of the Numenoriens landed on the shores of Middle Earth, and fought in the Last Alliance at the very end of the second age. When The Necromancer grew in power and attempted to invade Lorien, Magieriel stood strong with the realm’s protectors. And now that Sauron is emerging yet again, she is still here ready for battle.

Magieriel’s current Steed companion is the dedicated and intelligent Biblioteq.

Elrond's Library - Magi looks over the books EDIT

Introducing – Reznora

Reznora of the Fallohide Hobbits

Reznora is a young hobbit minstrel. Born in the northern parts of Ered Luin, she lived there with her parents and older sister Delphinia until a tragic accident took the lives of both her parents. She showed a strong aptitude for music at a very young age, garnering some interest from an enclave of elves living nearby, who trained her in many instruments. After the accident the sisters moved back to the Shire, Tuckborough to be precise, to be near their Took relatives. Reznora kept up her musical training, and is the reason for some of the mysterious elven sightings in the Shire as her elven mentors would periodically travel to assess her progress.

As young adult hobbitess, she is known for her hospitality and outgoing personality. Her skills at both cooking and music have made invitations to gatherings at the sisters’ home highly sought after prizes. Between the disappearance of some of her Took relatives and seeing the human champion Anmorata assisting the Shire, Reznora was inspired to join the battle. Granted this did not take much urging, with her Took blood 🙂 Her inspirational music allows her to urge her fellows onto greater efforts, and even assist in the battle. Her cooking skills also help her companions, as she can provide warm, delicious meals to fortify them before and after battles.

Reznora’s travels take her all over the world, but she always loves coming back home to the Great Smials. Her sweetheart is hobbit warden who trained with her sister, and after the war is over they plan to marry.

Her beautiful white Steed is Trentina – a sturdy and intrepid mare who matches her mistress well.

Reznora Honoring  The Took at Dawn EDIT