Fallohide Warrior of the Eorlingas


What?!?  None of the above title makes sense you may say, how can a hobbit be a warrior of the Eorlingas?  But wait, what about the famous (or infamous) Meriadoc Brandybuck, the one who was Esquire to King Theoden?  Ah-ha!  Now things make a bit more sense.  The Eorlingas knew that a short stature sometimes hosted a brave warrior heart.  And that is the case here with Delphinia.  Trained since her youth in the ways of the warden by the elves, she is a fierce warrior in her own right.  Add in her war steed Calyx and she is well-nigh unstoppable, a true Rider of the Eorlingas!

Delphinia and Calyx often ride the wide open plains of The Mark, and one of her preferred times is as the sun is setting.  The colors of the fading sun dye the skies with many shades of red, orange, and yellow – slowly fading to darker purples and blues as the sun fades completely for the night.  Clear skies or rain however, nothing will prevent this small warrior from protecting the crofters from evil.










Delphinia is Wearing:
Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Black
Shoulders – Ornate Pauldrons of the Dunland Swordsman in Black
Chest – Malak-Zudur in Evendim Blue
Hands – Gloves of Resolve in Evendim Blue
Pants – Leggings of the Learned Stag in Black
Spear – Warden’s Piercer
Javelin – Strike Against the Darkness
Shield – Wildermore Combat Shield of the Soldier

Steed Calyx is wearing:
Warden’s Halter in Evendim Blue
Warden’s Caparison in Evendim Blue
Minstrel’s Leggings in Evendim Blue

This outfit has been around for a long time!  This is what Delphinia was wearing in her introduction post, and the only real change was the color of Calyx’s steed armor (I had it in Ered Luin blue at that time, since then I did buy the color pack that included Evendim Blue).   I was also able to use weapon and shield skins that fit the outfit, but neither of those were present in the original screenies.  Enjoy!

Green & Gold

The days are getting cooler, and the bright green of the trees is now being kissed with gold, red, and orange.  Stonedeans near Brockbridge is a lovely example of the colors that come with autumn.  Wild horses, goats, and bears can readily be found here too!

To celebrate the change of seasons Magieriel shows off a nice combination of deep and light greens mixed with rich gold tones.


Her outfit is:
Chest – Summerdays Dress in Gold
Shoulders – Shoulders of the Mighty Verse in Dark Green
Back – Golden Tree Summer Cloak in Dark Green
Head – Dwarf-Make Circlet

WarSteed Biblioteq is equipped with:
Caparison of Naire in Forest Green
Halter of Thorin’s Hall in Forest Green
Light Leggings of the Wold in Forest Green

For the purists, yes I know the dwarf-make circlet is technically blueish in color, but I like the overall look of it and from a bit of a distance it looks greenish when added in with all the other greenish tones.  There is a circlet I looked at (ceremonial circlet of the seven stars) that is a bit bigger and properly dyable that also works very well here, I was just too lazy to get it 🙂

Rider of the Eorlingas

This was inspired by the recently released Hooked Cloak of the Eorlingas – I love the back of this cloak!  As my champion hails from Rohan, she was the perfect choice to return home and model this cloak.  Absinthe also received her own equine wardrobe update 🙂

RoR horn blow EDIT

RoR Dismount EDIT

RoR from the top EDIT

RoR gallop EDIT

RoR rear EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Wildemore Survivor’s Heavy Breastplate in Olive
Shoulders – Leijona Shoulder Guards in Olive
Hands – Isteron’s Steel Gloves of the First Age in Olive
Feet – Henmaru’s Ancient Boots undyed
Back – Hooded Cloak of the Eorlingas

Steed Absinthe is wearing:
Kingstead Caparison in Olive
Halter of West Rohan in Olive
Light Leggings of the Entwash in Olive
Accessory of the Hammerhand

I will admit now that while I love the back of the cloak, I hate how it frames my character’s face. This is why I did not include any shots of her from the front!

Map Maker

The elfess Magiriel has heard about some recent changes to the region of the East Wall. As the elves prefer to keep very accurate records of the lands, she has set out to map the coordinates of these changes. Since the journey leads her into war torn lands, she chose to wear sturdy leathers in a color to hopefully blend with the surroundings. She brings her mapping/scribing supplies with her in a back pack and packed upon her faithful warsteed Biblioteq. Her staff, sword, and animal companions also ensure her safety.

She rides by the Argonath with a wolf companion in search of the changed area.

Mapmaker - Near Parth EDIT

She found the new cave opening.  She makes notations about hit on her scrolls while a feline friend keeps watch.  She will have to come back later and with different equipment to map the insides.

Mapmaker - Taking Notes EDIT

After she is done, she heads over to lake Nen Hithoel to look out over the vistas, again with her feline friend assisting and guarding (and who would want to take on that cat with those fangs?)

Mapmaker - New Vistas with Cat - Fixed EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Westerness Leather Jacket of Determination in Rivendell Green
Legs – Threadbare Leggings of the Dunland Healer in Rivendell Green
Shoulders – Dunland Caretaker’s Patched Mantle in Sienna
Feet – Barrow-Scout’s Boots in Sienna
Hands – Ceremonial Spear Shaker’s Gauntlets in Sienna
Back – Map-Maker’s Pack in Rivendell Green
Head – Adventurer’s Hat in Forest Green

WarSteed Biblioteq is equipped with:
Lore-Master’s Caparison, Halter, Legs, and Gear (forest green)

This outfit was inspired by my interest in making sturdy looking outfits that my characters could travel long distances in.  Perfect for their journeys around Middle Earth!  Perhaps someday Magi will explore that cave system for us too 🙂

Introducing – Arianya

Arianya of Mirkwood

Arianya was born in Greenwood the Great in the beginning of the third age, only weeks apart from Imbrium. The 2 elfesses became great friends, and as children brought great life and laughter to the forest. Arianya with her light hair became known as moon (Isilalya), while Imbrium with her dark tresses became known as shadow (Fuine). Whenever a prank was played on one of the adults, they always looked for what they called the MoonShadow pair. After the Necromancer took over Dol Guldur, the young elves lost much of their laughter. As the shadows deepened and the Greenwood became the Mirkwood, the lives of these 2 young elves parted ways. Imbrium began the intensive study of Runekeeeping at home, while Arianya traveled to her distant Sindar kin in Lindon.

Under the tutelage of Cirdan’s folks, she took up training with sword and shield. Her training was almost complete when forces from Angmar invaded Cardolan. She was sent in secret with a small company of elves and Arthedain warriors to assist, but alas they arrived too late to help the beleaguered kingdom. She bore witness to the shattering of the Tower of Amun Sul and helped guide the surviving Arthedain warriors bearing the palantir to safety. Arianya returned to Lindon where she remained until the Witch King conquered Fornost. When the Gondorian Prince arrived in the Havens, she was with the company of Elves, Men, and Hobbits who set forth for the Battle of Fornost. The army of Angmar was crushed, the Witch King fled, and yet the realm of Arnor lay in broken pieces, its people scattered to the winds.

Over the next thousand years Arinaya mostly remained in Lindon and the surrounding areas. She assisted the Rangers of the North when needed, and occasionally traveled home to Mirkwood to visit her family and dear friend Imbrium. Near the end of the Third Age she was sent with Galdor to Rivendell as part of his escort. While Galdor took part in the Council of Elrond, Arianya met with distant kin, old friends, and made some new friends. During her stay in Rivendell she learned the full implications of the growing danger from Mordor and became a part of the war effort in Middle Earth.

She rides the dusky and strong Steed Duvainil.

Arianya EDIT

Welcome to my Little World of Fashion

Hello and Welcome 🙂

I am a player of the game Lord of the Rings Online, and I’ve become very interested in the various fashions you can create for your characters there.  I’ve been following a handful of LotRO fashion blogs, and realized I had enough unique ideas that I just might as well start my own blog!

My main character is a champion called Anmorata.  This first post also doubles as her introduction, as she is one of my primary models.  I do tend to use mostly my humans and elves as my models, although there are some things that look adorable on a hobbit!  And here she is:

Anmo Afternoon Patrol near Snowy EDIT2

Anmorata of Rohan

Anmorata was born of the warrior Feomar of Harwick and his wife Cirrilia, a lovely woman of Gondorian descent. Unknown to her, her mother’s Gondor blood bequeathed her a bit of the longevity of the Numenorians, nothing like the life span of the pure bloods, but certainly more than an ordinary human. This would prove to be both a boon and a bane to this young woman.

Anmorata showed a strong aptitude for weapons at an early age, so her indulgent parents had her trained as a shield maiden along with her brother and the other young men. From the start she showed no interest in the shield and spear, only in the pure offensive power of the sword. Anmorata and one of her fellow trainees fell in love, and were planning to get married and start a life together. Tragically her brother, lover, and some other men were ambushed by a party of Khundolar easterlings while out on patrol. All excpet her brother were killed in this attack. He survived to bring home the news of this tradgedy, wounded terribly in body and mind. While her brother recovered from his wounds, she hunted the Khundolar who had done this heinous act. She found and slaughtered them all, but realized that this would not be enough. The problems besetting her lands were bigger than just her town and her family, and if she truely wanted to bring a stop to these types of acts she needed to join the larger war effort. So Anmorata set out on a journey, taking only her steed Absinthe (newly armored with gear taken from her Khundolar prey), her sword Minneyar, and some gear.

Early on in her travels she met Gandalf, who gave her a clear purpose and direction. Honing her skills and warrior instincts with intensive training, she became a warrior woman without peer and a positive influence on all she met. While in Rivendell she learned the secrets of weaponsmithing. In Gondor she fought the Corsairs, and learned how to sail a ship run by her distant cousin (a merchant captain of sometimes questionable morals). She inspired a couple of young hobbit lasses while in the Shire, inspiring them to start their own journeys. When freeing Erebor she saved a young man and woman from certain death in Dale – both of who went on to contribute greatly to the war effort. In Bree resting between adventures she met a young Beorning woman fresh from the Vale. After a long evening chat the young Beorning decided to use her natural talents to help in the war. Anmorata even inspired some more of the elves of Mirkwood to venture out again. She took her surname Warsong from a dwarf she met – who she held in high esteem, trust, and affection. The winds of war parted them, but perhaps someday…