Storied Traveler

Magieriel is heading home to Lothlorien for a visit.  As she was just visiting the recently recovered libraries of Moria, her route takes her through the dangerous beauty of Nanduhirion before she crosses the Nimrodel into the shade of the Mallorns.

storied LM 1

Storied LM 3

Storied LM 6

Storied LM 4

Storied LM 2

Storied LM 9

Storied LM 7

Storied LM 8


Magieriel is Wearing:
Chest – Tunic and Trousers of the New Bloom in Sea Blue
Feet – Boots of the Laketown Watch in Sea Blue
Hands – Astaldo in Sea Blue
Shoulders – Pauldrons of the Gallant Commander in Sea Blue
Head – Ceremonial Hat of the Written Word in Sea Blue
Sword – Daellang
Staff – Staff of Storied Past

I’m back from a short hiatus!  While I feel late to the party, I did have this outfit planned for quite some time.  I’m just glad my fellow fashion bloggers used very different outfits to go with the Storied LM staff – and I hope you all enjoy my take on an outfit based on this most gorgeous of staves <3.

Spring Anniversary!

Easter 2019 3

So, four years ago today I made my first post on this blog.  And my how the time as flown!  I have grown and learned – looking back at some of my earlier screenshots makes me cringe a bit, but they were the best I knew how to do at the time.  I like to think I’ve learned and grown over the years 😉

Also approaching is the anniversary of LotRO.  I’m looking forward to not only the new adventures in this years anniversary festival, but the new adventures that await us in the Vales of Anduin and beyond!

And last but not least, this time of year is also important to many religions, especially here in the northern hemisphere as winter has finally released us and the season of spring is really starting to get going.  So I decided just to do a couple themed spring/easter screenies to celebrate my own blogiversary, the LotRO anniversary,  and the season – thank you all for being along for the ride 🙂

Easter 2019 4


Delphinia is wearing:

Exquisite Short-Sleeved Dress in Sea Blue

Circlet of Fresh-Picked Flowers in Sea Blue

Carrying the Basket of Colourful Eggs

Elementals – Water

Evendim is the perfect place for anything dedicated to water. And specifically the grotto where Gwindeth resides is the best!

Honoring Gwindeth

Elemental, Water - Bow EDIT

Gazing at the reflection of light on the scales

Elemental, water - gaze EDIT

Playing in the shallows making waves

Elemental, water - making waves EDIT

Treading water

Elemental, Water - treading EDIT


Elemental, water - backstroke EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Ancient Inlaid Breastplate in Sea Blue
Shoulders – Shoulders of the Deathstorm in Sea Blue
Head – Runemaker’s Hat in Sea Blue
Back – Cloak of the Silver Star in Sea Blue

And a bonus screenie just because I liked it too much to not include it:

Elemental, water - closeup EDIT

This concludes the elemental series.  I hope you enjoyed the outfits!  I had a lot of fun coming up with them, the locations, and the actual screenies 🙂

Twilight Rider

Barliman Butterbur hosted a formal affair at the Prancing Pony one evening for his guests (not a common occurrence, but even a down to earth man like Barliman likes to see everyone in their best dress sometimes!). Anmorata was in town that evening, so chose to attend. However after the affair she was not quite ready to head to bed. Instead she dressed up Absinthe in matching gear and went out for a ride.

The light of the moon guided her out into the fields surrounding Bree.
Twilight Rider Redux - By Moolight EDIT

She hears a noise behind her, “Wait? Did someone follow me out here?” she thinks as she looks around. Absinthe clearly heard it too as her ears are following the sound.

Twilight Rider Redux - Did I Hear Someone Back There EDIT

Assured it was just a local bear roaming across the field she continues cantering under the starlight.  Her journey takes her to a lovely field of white flowers. The scent of them is heavenly as Absinthe’s hooves disturb them with their passage.

Twilight Rider Redux - Field of White Flowers EDIT

Pulling to a halt, she gazes into the distance and becomes lost in thought.  One day the war will be over and folk all over Middle Earth can enjoy nights full of peace and beauty.

Twilight Rider Redux - Distant Thoughts EDIT

Her outfit is:
Chest – Long-sleeve Elven Dress in Black
Shoulders – Shoulder of the Hopeful Melody in Black

WarSteed Absinthe is equipped with:
Rivendell steed armor dyed Sea Blue (caparison, halter, legs)

This simple yet lovely outfit was inspired by the Rivendell Steed cosmetics, and the color of the horizon after dark!  My first try at this was terrible.  The idea was sound but I did not yet have the knowledge to take good screenshots, much less good night screenshots.  Once I did more reading, more trials, and learned a lot more – I revisited this idea and I am much happier with the end results.  I hope you as viewers enjoy it too!

Welcome to my Little World of Fashion

Hello and Welcome 🙂

I am a player of the game Lord of the Rings Online, and I’ve become very interested in the various fashions you can create for your characters there.  I’ve been following a handful of LotRO fashion blogs, and realized I had enough unique ideas that I just might as well start my own blog!

My main character is a champion called Anmorata.  This first post also doubles as her introduction, as she is one of my primary models.  I do tend to use mostly my humans and elves as my models, although there are some things that look adorable on a hobbit!  And here she is:

Anmo Afternoon Patrol near Snowy EDIT2

Anmorata of Rohan

Anmorata was born of the warrior Feomar of Harwick and his wife Cirrilia, a lovely woman of Gondorian descent. Unknown to her, her mother’s Gondor blood bequeathed her a bit of the longevity of the Numenorians, nothing like the life span of the pure bloods, but certainly more than an ordinary human. This would prove to be both a boon and a bane to this young woman.

Anmorata showed a strong aptitude for weapons at an early age, so her indulgent parents had her trained as a shield maiden along with her brother and the other young men. From the start she showed no interest in the shield and spear, only in the pure offensive power of the sword. Anmorata and one of her fellow trainees fell in love, and were planning to get married and start a life together. Tragically her brother, lover, and some other men were ambushed by a party of Khundolar easterlings while out on patrol. All excpet her brother were killed in this attack. He survived to bring home the news of this tradgedy, wounded terribly in body and mind. While her brother recovered from his wounds, she hunted the Khundolar who had done this heinous act. She found and slaughtered them all, but realized that this would not be enough. The problems besetting her lands were bigger than just her town and her family, and if she truely wanted to bring a stop to these types of acts she needed to join the larger war effort. So Anmorata set out on a journey, taking only her steed Absinthe (newly armored with gear taken from her Khundolar prey), her sword Minneyar, and some gear.

Early on in her travels she met Gandalf, who gave her a clear purpose and direction. Honing her skills and warrior instincts with intensive training, she became a warrior woman without peer and a positive influence on all she met. While in Rivendell she learned the secrets of weaponsmithing. In Gondor she fought the Corsairs, and learned how to sail a ship run by her distant cousin (a merchant captain of sometimes questionable morals). She inspired a couple of young hobbit lasses while in the Shire, inspiring them to start their own journeys. When freeing Erebor she saved a young man and woman from certain death in Dale – both of who went on to contribute greatly to the war effort. In Bree resting between adventures she met a young Beorning woman fresh from the Vale. After a long evening chat the young Beorning decided to use her natural talents to help in the war. Anmorata even inspired some more of the elves of Mirkwood to venture out again. She took her surname Warsong from a dwarf she met – who she held in high esteem, trust, and affection. The winds of war parted them, but perhaps someday…